GPB 5 yearsThis week marked a special landmark: 5 years of Green Philly Blog.

We also realized that our 5 year anniversary is the SAME anniversary as Beth’s wedding. True love, on both accounts.

We want to celebrate our anniversary with you by taking a quick look back. In the past 5 years, we’ve:

  • Published over 900 posts
  • Have been read by 330,000+ people
  • Connected with 5,000+ social media friends
  • Launched new columns like City Spotlight, Where Can I Wednesday & more.
  • Brought new events and products to you.
  • Helped you recycle more.
  • Made new friends.
  • Tested and enjoyed local and sustainable recipes.
  • Launched the Plastic Bag campaign back into the Philly spotlight (and continue to work on it).
  • Learned a lot…from our fellow environmentalists, bloggers and loyal readers.

Thank you, readers for checking us out, Liking, Sharing, Tweeting, Commenting and interacting with us.

If you want to show your love back for us, please vote for us as Best Local Blogger on the Philly Hot List!

It’s always great to hear from our readers. Tell us in the comments: What do you love and want to see more of? ¬†Suggestions for improvement?


Julie & Beth

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  • Kyle

    Whoot, 5 years! Happy anniversary, Beth and Julie!

  • Julie

    Thanks Kyle!

  • EcoBro2000

    Happy 5 Year Blogoversary to the GPB Girls!!!

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