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  • http://squeekygreen.yolasite.com Patty Giron

    Hi! My name is Patty Giron, I am a student in Philadelphia. I currently work for a small victorian bed and breakfast, Cornerstone B&B in University City. I grew up at the shore and have had experience cleaning residential homes for a small cleaning service called Simply Clean, and also a bed and breakfast, The Northwood Inn. The thing that is different about me and my service is that I am as green as I can be. I have a love for nature and environemental science and technology but also the basics; growing my own food, herbs, cooking in, etc. I use biodegradable products and my goals are to make sure families, animals, pregant women, are completely safe and can enjoy their intimate living space. I am constantly learning about what we can do to redude our carbon footprint and teach others. I hope my services can be used on your site!

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