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Welcome to Green Philly Blog! We’re here to help locavores (& beyond!) make greener, everyday choices.  No green washing, just environmental news, advice and challenges without agenda or hype.

Green Philly Blog Founders Beth & Julie during Philly Spring Cleanup Day

The Beginning

Once upon a time, two colleagues were carpooling too far from Northern Liberties to the suburbs of Malvern, PA. One day as they started complaining about the conspiracy that their company didn’t actually recycle (even with the disguise of recycle bins in everyone’s cubes), it opened up floodgates of frustration. Why didn’t people understand the basics? How could they help? Thus, Green Philly Blog was born in July 2008.

What You’ll Find:

Being “green” isn’t about recycling. Being green is about what you eat, buy, choosing transportation modes and simple decisions – every single day. We’re just trying to make it a little easier for you to navigate the green life.

Whether you need to know what type of plastics you can recycle in Philadelphia,  want to learn how to get paid for recycling, or just how the Eagles green initiatives are going- we keep you informed.

You’ll also find our personal triumphs and struggles of being green, including our bizarre green habits and deciding if your recyclables are clean enough for the bin.

Check out our Quick Tips for disgustingly simple ways to help you go green.


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The Federal Trade Commission requires that we disclose any relationships with product manufacturers or service providers when we write about products or services.

Here are the guidelines we operate under:

  • We aren’t paid to do reviews. If we do accept a product or any compensation for the time to review the product, we will say it in the post. Any compensation or discount/sample items do NOT influence our opinions. If we do not have a disclaimer, we purchased the product(s) on our own.
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  • You may see advertisements on the sidebars. Those are probably paid.

Why do we have advertisements/accept funding? Running a blog actually costs us money and time, so we basically are trying to recoup the funds we put into the blog.

  • LPL

    Well hello there green gals! I was reading my Newsweek this morning and came across the article (in the URL) dealing with “green” travel. What was interesting is that there is a common misconception, and this article gives you tips about green travel (mostly helping out local economies, etc.).Happy to see the site launched!

  • Lucy

    This website is awesome! I’m so proud of you ladies!!

  • Brandon

    Stuff some stockings this year with renewable energy as seen on

  • Michele Cohen

    Visit Moore College of Art & Design’s website to learn about our October 10 graduate symposium titled, Cohousing: Building Sustainable and Intentional Communities. The symposia, sponsored by the Interior Design Graduate Program at Moore, includes discussion and discovery about the history, theories and practice of creating and living in cohousing.

  • Sue

    Hey. I’m Sue with The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project – I so love what you guys are doing. I’d like to chat a little bit about our project, partners and goals to see if there is room for collaboration! Thank you!

  • Beth

    Hi, Sue! We’d be happy to chat – email us at :)

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