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    One Winter day in 2008, two colleagues carpooled from Northern Liberties to Suburbia, PA. As they chatted on I-76, they discovered a few revelations:

    1. Their employer’s recycling bins were being emptied into the trash; and
    2. That they both cared more than the average individual about this discovery.

    In fact, they were outraged.

    And there, a friendship and blog began. Julie and Beth started Green Philly from mutual frustrations and expectation that we – Philadelphia, young adults, and community – could simply do better. Be better.

    As our website has evolved, we promise the same core values that grew from our roots: local, easy and low-cost choices to live sustainably. We realize that being ‘green’ goes beyond recycling and affects every day choices we make.

    You don’t have to spend more money, go out of your way, or be the odd man out to reduce your carbon footprint. Just change your choices with simple tweaks, and you’ll help change the world.

    Meet our


    Julie Hancher: Owner, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

    Julie is a local sustainability expert, writer, speaker and social media marketing maven. She’s been quoted in Philadelphia Magazine, She Knows, CNN, Metro and MNN and has spoken at several conferences about sustainability, blogging and social media. As a Penn State alumni, she exudes passion in anything she tries.

    Although she’s been writing novels since the 4th grade, she never dreamed to be a blogger – it happened out of love for sustainability, communicating online and spreading the green gospel minus the boring. Many workshops, lessons and WordPress mishaps later, she trains others with these invaluable online tools.

    Permanently with a compass, her all-time favorite passion is traveling, whether to explore a new urban jungle, taste local dishes or enjoy nature’s beauty across the globe. She tackles vegetarian recipes with determination, in recent years morphing into an amateur cook. Although she loves being active and will try any sport, her lack of coordination will always get the best of her. (That doesn’t stop her from trying . . .)

    When she’s not biking, googling her CSA vegetables or laughing in the park with wine and friends, she helps local businesses with social media & digital marketing through Green Philly Company. Her favorite things include craft beer, cheese, platypuses, heartfelt advice and her devious tabby cat.



    Beth Funari Sims: Co-Founder, Wellness and Health Contributor

    Beth is a Health and Wellness expert who believes sustainability goes hand-in-hand with self care. She’s the girl whipping up kombucha cocktails at parties, and extolling the benefits of canning vegetables to anyone who will listen.

    She has been an environmentalist for as long as she can remember. As a kid, she drove her parents crazy with her litter pick–up habit and “save the world” speeches.

    After spending 9 years in Publishing and Environmental industries, Beth’s passion for all things Health lead her to pursue a career switch. She earned her personal and sports performance trainer license from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and loves sharing her passion for a healthy, balanced lifestyle with her clients.

    Her work has been featured on YourTrainer.com, Healthy Bitch Daily, Resume Hub and Health Science Degree. In her spare time, Beth enjoys traveling with her husband, cooking healthy comfort foods, testing holistic fads, and reading in bed.

    Julia Knable

    Julia studies Marketing in the Fox School at Temple University. After a summer internship at Terracycle inspired her to learn about what she could do to help and protect our ever-changing planet, she ended up with a stint at Green Philly. Along with her passion for sustainability, look for her in a red polo and khakis giving tours of Temple University, on the court of a basketball game working as a athletic marketing assistant or taking a long run down Kelly drive.

    Linh Kostiuk

    Linh studies Architectural Technologies at Philadelphia University and spent a previous semester studying Sustainability in Copenhagen, Denmark. These experiences home and abroad inspired her to take a closer look at her personal impact on the environment and ways to lessen it. Whether she’s reminding others to recycle or supporting local farmers markets, she knows those small steps can add up to a greater positive change.

    Grace Rieck

    Originally from Rochester, New York, Grace studies Communications at Saint Joseph’s University. Green from birth, she grew up wearing reusable cloth diapers and eating co-op vegetables. She’s always been conscious of humanity’s impact on the environment. She hopes to eventually form a career as a way to advocate her ethical & sustainability principles.

    Christine Boylan

    Christine is a Senior at Saint Joseph’s University, majoring in Communications and Marketing. She has a passion for animals, athletics, and healthy living. Christine’s mother is her inspiration, teaching her that the values in life do not lay within material goods but are found within family and friendship. Her goal is to bring joy to others and to leave a positive footprint wherever she travels.?

    Jessica Rutkowski

    Jessica is a senior at Saint Joseph’s University, majoring in Communications & Digital Media. She has a passion for traveling, fitness, and food sustainability (and food in general)! She spent a semester abroad in Florence, experiencing how sustainability-conscious Europe is, which inspired her to do her part, too. Her dream career includes the continuation of traveling internationally.

    Catharine Gaylord

    From growing up in Damascus, Maryland to studying Marketing and Finance at Saint Joseph’s University, she got her first taste of sustainability in Elementary School when her mother went on a recycling binge and got the family on board. She assumes she’ll probably be something like that when she grows up, too. She loves her other roles as a Resident Assistant and barista at Starbucks. In her spare time, she loves to go for long runs, reading Game of Thrones, and watching Hockey.

    Valeria Frolova

    Valeria grew up in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and moved to Philadelphia in Summer 2014 to study Architecture at Temple University. She first discovered her passion for sustainability in middle school whilst researching how to reduce humanity’s negative impact on the environment, continuing the passion through a Sustainable Design course. Valeria is challenging herself to adopt a zero waste lifestyle and inspire others.

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    One Winter day in 2008, two colleagues were carpooling from the up-and-coming neighborhood Northern Liberties to the suburban land of Malvern, PA. As they chatted through their blossoming friendship, they discovered a couple of shocking truths.

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