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Green Philly Blog is now accepting offers for advertisements and sponsors.

Why Green Philly Blog?

Green Philly Blog is a target website, focusing on local readers who want to live, shop, work, school & breathe sustainability.  Every month, we reach thousands of local green consumers, activists, innovators and professionals like you.

What Sponsors Do You Accept?

We screen every advertiser for values that align with our own; i.e. sustainably, local and consciously minded. If you have a local, organic, sustainable and/or natural product, we would love to hear from you.

What Advertising Space is Available?

We’re accepting spots for text & HTML banners currently. Payment is accepted via PayPal. E-mail us at contact@greenphillyblog  with the subject line “Advertise” for rates.

Can you Promote My Green Upcoming Event?

Sure, for a small remuneration we’ll feature your event on our homepage. This will also get you a spot on our calendar, social media campaign coverage and a review if feasible. Please email us for rates and additional info.

Can I Submit My Product or Book for Review?

Sure—for a nominal fee. We do feature books or products we really believe in, but we can’t guarantee anything but honest coverage. Contact us for more details.

Need More Info?

Feel free to submit any questions, comments or feedback. Please note that we get a LOT of email, so please feel free to follow up (if you want us to get back sooner): [email protected]

About our Advertisements/Compensation:

The Federal Trade Commission requires that we disclose any relationships with product manufacturers or service providers when we write about products or services.

Here are the guidelines we operate under:

  • We aren’t paid to do reviews. If we do accept a product or any compensation for the time to review the product, we will say it in the post. Any compensation or discount/sample items do NOT influence our opinions. If we do not have a disclaimer, we purchased the product(s) on our own.
  • On occasion, our post may have an affiliate ‘link’. We may get paid a small commission if you purchase the product or service. These posts are not  composed for the purpose of including advertising, and we would never link to a product we didn’t believe in.
  • No advertiser, PR agency or third party will ever influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. We pick everything.
  • You may see advertisements on the sidebars. Those are probably paid.
Pledge to Our Readers:

We carefully select ALL Green Philly Blog content, to make our blog as enjoyable for you to read as it is for us to write it. The products and companies we work with share our values, whether sustainable, local and/or fair trade. But, in order to keep Green Philly Blog going, we do accept sponsor posts, events and products – however we will ALWAYS label it as such.

Some advertising definitions FYI:

Sponsored Posts: This means that a company gave us compensation to write about them. This does not influence how we approach the subject.

Affiliate Advertising: This means if you click a link and purchase something, we get a tiny percent of the sale. You don’t have to purchase from the link, but it is a nice ‘thank you’ to us for taking our advice.

Once again: We also would NOT link to a product we don’t believe in, whether it is sustainable, fair trade or local.

We would never sell our subscriber list (aka you) to anyone. Period.

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