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    Catharine Gaylord

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    From growing up in Damascus, Maryland to studying Marketing and Finance at Saint Joseph’s University, she got her first taste of sustainability in Elementary School when her mother went on a recycling binge and got the family on board. She assumes she'll probably be something like that when she grows up, too. She loves her other roles as a Resident Assistant and barista at Starbucks. In her spare time, she loves to go for long runs, reading Game of Thrones, and watching Hockey.

    6 Easy Ways to Recycle Water Every Day

    September 15, 20140

    Since I was in elementary school, I’ve been lectured about how to conserve water. Recently I caught wind about recycling…

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    Where to Recycle Common Household Junk: WCI Wednesday

    September 10, 20140

    If you’ve been cleaning your house lately (or packing for college like me!), you might notice that you have a…

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    8 Philly Exercises that are More Fun than the Gym

    September 3, 20140

    Every summer, I tell myself that I’ll use free time to start exercising. This summer was no exception. I even…

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    Small Steps, Big Wins: Help Environment & Support Your School!

    September 2, 20140

    Are you a local college student looking to make a difference? Join Small Steps, Big Wins and turn actions (that…

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    Kayaking, Green drinks & Urban Riding Basics: Green Week Guide 9/2 – 9/4

    September 2, 20140

    Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is relaxed after that three day weekend! There was a definitely ton to do, between…

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    Sustainability on Campus: Philly Universities Go Green

    August 27, 20140

    We compared the greenest hotels, coffee shops, and more (obviously, that’s in our name). However, one big player in the sustainability…

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    Food Trucks, Movies, & Climate Change: Green Week Guide 8/25–8/28

    August 25, 20140

    Hopefully you took advantages of the bike tours and farmers’ markets this weekend! If you didn’t (and even if you…

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    Where to Donate Your Wedding Dress & Recycle Wedding Accessories

    August 20, 20140

    Summer means more than hot weather, shorts, and vacations; it’s wedding season. If you’re one of those lucky couples who…

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    Beer Tastings, Morning Coffee, and Solar Parties: Green Week Guide 8/18 – 8/21

    August 18, 20140

    Got a case of the Mondays? Try one of these great, green events to cheer you up! Whether you’re interested…

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    Where & How to Shop Fair Trade in Philadelphia

    August 13, 20140

    If you’re anything like me, then you’ve heard quite a lot about fair trade and how super important it is.…

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