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    Julie Hancher

    Julie Hancher

    About Julie Hancher

    Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys long walks in the park with eco-friendly wine and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Pounce DeLeon.

    New Whole Foods Market Philly: Transparency #Goals for Shopping

    October 18, 20160

    As a sustainably conscious gal, shopping for almost anything has become a struggle. Whether searching for food, beauty products or even…

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    Hillary Clinton Just Gave Green City, Clean Water Props in Speech

    October 13, 20160

    NBD — The former Secretary of State (and soon-to-be Madame President if the whole country doesn’t lose their minds in…

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    Philly is #33 “Greenest in the USA” according to Wallethub

    October 12, 20160

    Wallethub (AKA the local media’s favorite website for Philly ranking clickbait), ranked Philly #33 out of 100 cities for their…

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    YEPN: Meet Young Sustainable Professionals in this New Org!

    October 10, 20160

    Guest post by Alexandra Speers, Engineering Consultant, Chubb Environmental Risk Old news to you guys: Philadelphia is a sustainability leader. In…

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    How 24 Media Folk Donated $30,000 to Charity on Monday

    October 6, 20160

    Are you ready for some… (flag) football? This past Monday, I was one of 24 local media folk who played…

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    Circle Compost: Feed Soil, Not Landfills from your Stoop

    October 3, 20160

    For those looking to lessen their carbon footprint, there’s a new compost pick-up provider in town. Dave and Michele Bloovman…

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    Leroy Fisher Brings Solutions because of THIS VIP in His Life

    September 29, 20161

    A former ‘badlands’ spaced filled with drugs and trash has transformed into a space where farmers market flourish and crime…

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    Can humans break bad climate habits? Find out “When the Rain Stops Falling”

    September 27, 20160

    It’s the age-old story (at least for the past 10 years): can humans break our bad habits and change the…

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    Support Community Gardening at 5th Annual PHeaSt

    September 26, 20160

    Eat & drink local fare AND help support gardening? We’re in! The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s PHeaSt returns on Friday, October…

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    The Secret to Getting More Bike Lanes in Philadelphia: Revealed

    September 22, 20160

    How do we make biking more accessible for ALL Philadelphians? The Bicycle Coalition addressed this during their SustainPHL #FuturePHL acceptance…

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