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  • Protected Bike Lanes Announced on South Street

    December 13, 20170

    One (tiny) win for safer streets in Philadelphia! City officials announced plans to construct a protected bike lane on South Street…

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    The Procrastinator’s Green Gift Guide 2017

    December 12, 20170

    The holidays are right around the corner! Still searching for thoughtful gifts for your family, friends or colleagues? We have…

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    Kenney & 21 US Mayors Signed on to Keep EV Tax Credit

    December 11, 20170

    Oh, the 2017 tax bill. Currently, there’s an Electric Vehicle (EV) tax credit (Section 30D) that allows consumers to claim…

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    How to Break the Waste Cycle: Lessons from Post-Landfill Action Network’s Student Conference

    December 7, 20170

    On November 4th, 2017, we met a monster. Its name was Fill, short for landfill. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t…

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    Guide to Scrap Metal Recycling in Philadelphia

    December 6, 20170

    One of the most recyclable materials is metal. Metal (and scrap metal) can range from a variety of items: from…

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    Safe Streets Pt 2: 7 Requests from the Bicycle Coalition & Petition

    December 1, 20172

    Yesterday, we shared our 8 wishes for Philadelphia’s biking infrastructure. Today, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia made 7 demands…

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    8 Ways Philly Could Make Streets (and Biking) Safer

    November 30, 20178

    On Tuesday morning, 24-year old bicyclist Emily Fredricks was killed by a person driving a sanitation truck at 11th and…

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    10 Thrift Stores In Philadelphia

    November 28, 20170

    Recycling clothing and furniture is just as important as recycling your bottles, cans, and cardboard. Shopping at a thrift or…

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    Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Received Green Flag Award

    November 27, 20170

    Springside Chestnut Hill Academy was awarded the Green Flag by the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program due to the…

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    Solarize Philly Exceeded 100 Signups; Proves PHL Solar Demand

    November 22, 20170

    Is there a demand for solar in Philadelphia? One local solar program has shown that residents are seeking it. According…

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