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  • Let’s Hug it Out…

    July 24, 20080

    Another reason to love Entourage! Some of you (I know I am!) are highly anticipating Entourage’s return to HBO September…

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    Quick Tip – Think of meat as a treat

    July 23, 20081

    Red meat production causes more environmental harm than any other food. Why? One reason is animals are often fed unnatural…

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    Save the date Philly!

    July 22, 20080

    Sunday September 7th marks Philadelphia’s annual Green Fest. Check out more details here: http://www.greenfestphilly.org/ Posted by Beth

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    Quick Tip – Bigger is Better

    July 22, 20084

    Reduce the amount of waste you create.  When purchasing products, try buying the biggest size you’ll be able to use.…

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    Quick Tip- Dump your desktop

    July 21, 20081

    Laptop’s use on average 90% less energy than the standard desktop. If you work in an office consider hitting up…

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    It’s Not Easy Being Green

    July 21, 20080

    I never thought I'd be able to compare myself to Kermit the Frog - a muppet? But I there is…

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    Secrets to Calculating Your Carbon Footprint (What They Don’t Tell You)

    July 18, 20081

    The term "Carbon Footprint" is becoming more common these days. Basically it refers to recognizing that actions you take produce…

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    7 Simple Ways to Green Your Home

    July 16, 20080

    I believe going green doesn't mean spending major dinero or radically changing your lifestyle. You can save hundreds on your…

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    Quick Tip – Turn off the Lights

    July 15, 20081

    Turn off the lights when you leave the room.  If you’re anything like me, you may forget why you left…

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