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  • 5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Detroit

    May 30, 20170

    (Yes, that Detroit.) Detroit may be my new favorite city. Before I departed for Detroit last week, I envisioned two…

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    Environmental Justice Alert: PA DEP wants your input tomorrow

    May 24, 20170

    Feel like your concerns aren’t being heard? PA has your back. The PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Office of…

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    4 Green Roofs You Can Visit in Philadelphia

    May 23, 20170

    Green roofs captured the public’s attention as places to hang out in the middle of a city. Dating back to…

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    Locavore Bucket List: 5 Local Snacks You MUST Try

    May 22, 20170

    Snacks are what get many of us through the day. Why bother with processed junk when there are so many delicious…

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    WTFriday: Here’s Why PA Just Spent $8 Million on Mussels

    May 19, 20170

    On April 19, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) announced a $39 million investment in…

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    Happy Bike to Work Day! Our Fav BikePHL Photos

    May 19, 20170

    Happy Bike to Work Day! We refer to this day as “Monday through Friday” throughout the year, but it’s a…

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    8 Secret Gardens to Visit in Philadelphia This Spring

    May 18, 20170

    No matter how long you live in Philadelphia, there are always more cool things to discover. These city gardens are…

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    How Caitlin Cowan Found a Sustainable Career in The GREEN Program

    May 16, 20170

    What do you do after you fall in love with studying abroad while traveling? (For this gal, you have wanderlust…

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    Winners from 2017 SBN Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony

    May 15, 20170

    This past Thursday night, the Sustainable Business Network hosted their 2nd Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony at La Peg/ Fringe Arts.…

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    5 Best Gardening Tips From Readers

    May 11, 20170

    To celebrate the beginning of gardening season, we recently posted a series on starting your own container garden. We decided…

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