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  • Meet the SustainPHL Nominees: Sustainability Mentor

    July 10, 20170

    This nominee is broadening the reach of sustainability education and/or deepening the knowledge within the community (to traditional and non-traditional…

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    DVGBC Groundbreaker Awards 2017 Announced: Nominations Open

    July 7, 20170

    Are Green Buildings your thing? Save the date for DVGBC’s signature event. DVGBC is hosting the 2017 Groundbreaker Awards on…

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    Meet the SustainPHL Nominees: #FuturePHL

    July 6, 20170

    These #FuturePHL nominees are propelling Philadelphia’s future in sustainability. In August, Philadelphia’s SustainPHL Awards will highlight and celebrate 3 of these…

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    How Seniors Can ‘Stay Cool in a Changing Climate’

    July 5, 20170

    How do we keep in mind our wisest and most vulnerable while confronting climate change? Our new workshop, Staying Cool…

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    7 Energy Efficiency Tips from Our Paris Postmortem Panel

    June 29, 20170

    On Tuesday evening, Green Philly hosted our second Beyond the Blog panel. After 45’s announcement that the US will pull…

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    How to Pick a Green Home in Center City Living

    June 28, 20173

    As Philly recently announced its 100 renewable energy goals, residents are putting an increasing amount of thought into how to…

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    6 Bucks County Parks & Trails to Hit this Summer

    June 27, 20170

    Although there are plenty of beautiful running and hiking trails to explore in Philadelphia, it’s nice to experience new scenery.…

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    5 Reasons to Attend our Energy Panel tomorrow

    June 26, 20170

    Tomorrow, we’re hosting an energy panel Paris Postmortem: How to Make Philly a Clean & Energy Efficient City. Here are…

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    Kenney Signs Mayors for 100% Clean Energy; DGAF about Paris Pullout

    June 22, 20171

    After mixed feelings about Trump announcing the US will pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, Philly took a cue…

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    I tried using Bee Pollen for my allergies – and it’s working

    June 12, 20170

      As a child, my father would tell me about all of his allergies – cats, bananas (as a child),…

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