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  • Hear about City’s Bike Lane Plans on Weds & Thurs

    April 2, 20180

    The city has bike lane plans – and you’re invited to hear about them. Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure…

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    9 Highlights from our Women in Sustainability Panel

    March 29, 20180

    In the theme of our March “Women” Month, we highlighted three noteworthy Philly women in a panel discussion.  On Tuesday…

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    Philadelphia CSA – Spring 2018 Roundup

    March 27, 20180

    The Philadelphia food scene is one of the most underrated in the country. Most visitors come to Philly craving a…

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    The Untapped Potential of Rooftops in Mission 1.5°C

    March 22, 20180

    This post is a part of The Climate Tracker “Write for a Future Below 1.5 degrees” competition, which looks for…

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    How Mold, Pollen & Climate Change Affect Philadelphia

    March 21, 20180

    Indoor mold is a public health issue (often linked to and worsened by climate change) in Philadelphia. There are many…

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    Why We Loved Cloth Diapers – Until We Gave them Up

    March 20, 20180

    “You’re going to use CLOTH diapers, aren’t you?” they asked. We were just married and not even thinking about kids,…

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    OMG #Breaking: New Bike Lanes on JFK & Market!!

    March 19, 20180

    A reminder to keep on fighting for change. On Saturday at the Vision Zero Philadelphia conference, Mayor Jim Kenney shared…

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    Volunteer for Philly Spring Cleanup Day!

    March 14, 20180

    Don’t just whine about Philly’s dirty streets. Do something about it! On Saturday, April 7th from 9 AM to 2…

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    Philadelphia Environmental Film Fest Returns!

    March 13, 20180

    Sustainability friends – get ready for a night weekend at the movies. The 2018 Environmental Film Fest is returning from…

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    The Brewers Plate Returns on March 30th

    March 7, 20180

    Our favorite (locavore) time of the year is here! The 14th Annual Brewer’s Plate, hosted by Fair Food, will return to the…

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