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    The Disadvantages of Solar Energy

    December 19, 20170

    With the recent demand of Solarize Philly, it’s no secret that solar is hot in Philly. We’re always told that Solar…

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    PGW Natural Gas Suppliers: What’s the “Green” choice?

    August 29, 20170

    Did you know you can pick your own natural gas supplier through PGW in Philly? What’s the most “sustainable” choice?…

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    7 Energy Efficiency Tips from Our Paris Postmortem Panel

    June 29, 20170

    On Tuesday evening, Green Philly hosted our second Beyond the Blog panel. After 45’s announcement that the US will pull…

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    How Energy Efficiency can Alleviate Philly’s Poverty Problem

    January 19, 20170

    Guest post by Mei Chung How are public health, energy efficiency, and poverty connected? The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA), recently…

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    Be ‘Inspire’d: Choose clean energy for your home & business

    October 25, 20160

    One of the main ways we can reduce our carbon footprint – greatly – is to choose a clean energy…

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    What a Villanova Professor Can Teach You About Sustainability

    January 7, 20160

    Professor Interview Series: Dr. Metin Duran, Environmental Engineering Driving home from Phillies games, I would watch the lights of the city…

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    Refinery Danger: What You Need To Do in a Crude Oil Emergency

    August 25, 20150

    What would happen if the Philadelphia Oil Refinery had an incident? Do you know what to do if there was…

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    How Solar States is Training the Solar Leaders of Tomorrow

    August 13, 20150

    The Clean Air Council and Solar States are teaming up to teach a class devoted to solar workforce development at YouthBuild…

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    2nd Annual Philly’s Energy Benchmarking Results Released

    October 15, 20140

    How are Philly's buildings faring with energy use? Just like we hinted in our recap of what Philly's doing to…

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    How Philly is Prepping Against Climate Change

    September 23, 20141

    Over 400,000 individuals invaded New York on Sunday to make a statement to world leaders about climate change. Mayor's National…

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