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    Yes, Saving Produce Can Save the Planet  

    June 5, 20180

    Saving the planet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “eat your vegetables,” but…

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    Rolling Harvest Food Rescue: The New Face of Hunger

    May 3, 20180

    Bucks County, located about fifty miles outside of Philadelphia, is a historic county adorned with old stone cottages and new…

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    Dining from The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook & Author Q & A

    April 25, 20180

    Spending time in the kitchen can do wonders. Beyond knowing what’s in your food, preparing a homecooked meal can build trust,…

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    Philadelphia CSA – Spring 2018 Roundup

    March 27, 20180

    The Philadelphia food scene is one of the most underrated in the country. Most visitors come to Philly craving a…

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    Where to Buy a Local Turkey for Your Thanksgiving Cooking Style

    November 13, 20170

    It’s almost the time of year to give thanks for what we have and feast on all the traditional favorites.…

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    WeGardn: Philly Startup Brings Local, Healthy Food To Your Door with a Click

    October 11, 20170

    Imagine a road trip to the shore or mountains. Driving along listening to the latest Taylor Swift song (just me?)…

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    Locavore Bucket List: 5 Local Snacks You MUST Try

    May 22, 20170

    Snacks are what get many of us through the day. Why bother with processed junk when there are so many delicious…

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    Planting the Seeds: How 5 Local Urban Farms Began

    April 6, 20170

    Thanks to the growth of urban farms, more people than ever have access to local, healthy food across Philadelphia. But…

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    7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Philly

    March 14, 20172

    The task of finding a restaurant that all of your friends will enjoy can be quite daunting. In the age…

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    4 Vegetarian Delivery Options When You’re Short on Time from Foodee

    February 2, 20170

      By Sam Hawkins When it comes to the Philly food scene, there’s good food and there’s great food. Good…

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