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    Welcome to 2018: Our Editorial Calendar

    January 5, 20180

    Oh hey there, 2018. Somewhere between the champagne at midnight and bomb cyclones that even closed Whole Foods at 3…

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    Kenney & 21 US Mayors Signed on to Keep EV Tax Credit

    December 11, 20170

    Oh, the 2017 tax bill. Currently, there’s an Electric Vehicle (EV) tax credit (Section 30D) that allows consumers to claim…

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    How to Break the Waste Cycle: Lessons from Post-Landfill Action Network’s Student Conference

    December 7, 20170

    On November 4th, 2017, we met a monster. Its name was Fill, short for landfill. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t…

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    Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Received Green Flag Award

    November 27, 20170

    Springside Chestnut Hill Academy was awarded the Green Flag by the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program due to the…

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    Office of Sustainability Releases Energy Plan to reduce 80% CO2 for All

    November 14, 20170

    Finally, the City of Philadelphia has revealed how we can all get on board with the Paris Climate Agreement. Recently,…

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    Net Impact: How Major Companies Are on a ‘Path to Purpose’ for Better Values

    November 2, 20170

    As there’s a push for individuals to find happiness beyond their paycheck, companies are facing a similar moral questioning. As…

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    Win a T-shirt of Your Pet’s Face & Help ACCT Shelter Animals

    October 25, 20170

    Do you love your pet so much that you want a shirt with their picture on it? Here’s your chance…

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    Philly Drops to #50 “Greenest” According to WalletHub

    October 12, 20170

    Wallethub debuted its annual Greenest Cities in America list, and they dropped Philly’s rankings yet again. (Perhaps they missed our recent…

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    Philadelphia 2030 District: Reducing 50% of Energy Use as a City

    October 3, 20170

    How can we make a significant impact on our city’s carbon footprint? The answer lies in our buildings. Buildings are…

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    Breaking down the City’s Municipal Energy Master Plan

    September 29, 20170

    As we announced on Wednesday, Philadelphia just announced ambitious goals towards clean energy. The  Philadelphia Municipal Energy Master Plan for the Built…

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