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    Where Can I Recycle Empty Deodorant Sticks in Philadelphia

    July 1, 20150

    Recycling empty deodorant sticks can be confusing – some deodorant sticks can even be made from two different kinds of plastic!…

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    Where to Recycle Ink Cartridges (and Get Paid!)

    June 24, 20150

    Every year, millions of used ink cartridges go from sitting in printers to sitting in landfills. But, most people don’t…

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    Where Can I Take Trash? Philadelphia Sanitation Centers

    June 3, 20150

    Who hasn’t had this dilemma: Either you’re going on vacation and will miss trash day or are moving and have…

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    Where to Recycle Magazines

    May 27, 20150

    Collecting magazines in your home and letting a few (dozen) issues pile up? Guilty. Whether you’re moving or just sick…

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    This Interactive Map Finds You FREE Philly Recycling Bins

    May 13, 20150

    The geniuses at the Philadelphia Recycling Office came up with a solution for all people who say “I don’t know…

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    Where Can I Recycle Electronics in Philadelphia

    May 6, 20150

    As of January 2013, Pennsylvania made it illegal to ditch your electronics curbside. So what can you do with all…

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    Can you recycle paper receipts? WCI Weds

    April 8, 20150

    Always wondering what to toss in the recycling bin or trash can? We received this reader question in our email…

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    Can You Recycle Pizza Boxes in Philadelphia? WCI Weds

    April 1, 20150

    OK, ok. As a Lorenzo’s lover, I have to address this question. You order pizza, enjoy the pizza, and then…

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    Foolproof Philly Curbside Recycling Guide 2015: Interactive Dream

    March 11, 20151

    Get confused about what you can recycle? What goes in the bin, or what goes in the trash? Philadelphia Streets…

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    Where to Recycle Mardi Gras Beads: WCI Weds

    February 18, 20152

    Happy day after Mardi Gras! We may be further away from the French Quarter celebrations, but end up with a few…

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