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    Foolproof Philly Curbside Recycling Guide 2015: Interactive Dream

    March 11, 20151

    Get confused about what you can recycle? What goes in the bin, or what goes in the trash? Philadelphia Streets…

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    Where to Recycle Mardi Gras Beads: WCI Weds

    February 18, 20152

    Happy day after Mardi Gras! We may be further away from the French Quarter celebrations, but end up with a few…

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    Donate Your Used Jeans & Help a Local School: WCI Weds

    February 11, 20150

    You know those jeans you no longer wear, but keep just in case? You can donate them to homeless teens…

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    Where to Recycle Gift Cards: WCI Weds

    February 4, 20150

    Now that the holiday season is long over, you probably busted out those gift cards for people who have NO idea…

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    Where Can You Recycle #3 Plastics in Philadelphia? WCI Weds

    January 14, 20150

    How can you recycle those #3 plastics? Bad news, Philly: Not all those #1-7 plastics are recyclable anymore. So the…

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    Get Refillable Laundry Detergent in Philadelphia

    January 7, 20151

    We received a reader question: Where can I find refillable laundry detergent in Philadelphia? This is quite the predicament, since…

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    Where to Recycle Christmas Trees 2015: WCI Weds

    December 31, 20142

    When you unstring your lights and pack up the ornaments this year, don’t you dare dream of tossing your tree…

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    Holiday Recycling Guide: Naughty & Nice List

    December 10, 20140

    Santa isn’t the only one with a naughty or nice list – The Streets Department has one too! Unsure of…

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    Where to Recycle Cardboard Boxes in Philadelphia

    December 3, 20141

    Or just hide in your cardboard box, like this cat. Whether you’re getting packages delivered or recently moved, you may…

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    Recycling Right

    October 18, 20140

    Still confused about what goes into the recycling bin (and what stays out)? Friends of GPB & Recycling enthusiasts Michelle…

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