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    Best Buy Screws PA for TV recycling with changes to Electronics Program

    February 10, 20161

    Electronics are one of those items that are tricky (and sometimes expensive) to recycle. Best Buy officially Best Buy has…

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    Can you recycle salad bags in Philadelphia?

    January 27, 20160

    So it’s a little more difficult to get local produce in the winter months when many farmers market are on…

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    Can I Recycle Plastic Clamshell Containers?

    January 20, 20160

    Happy Hump Day! Or as we call it, Where Can I Wednesday. Another recycling dilemma: can you recycle those clamshell…

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    Treecycling 2016: Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    January 6, 20160

    It’s that time of the year: to take down the decorations and recycle your Christmas Tree! Here’s a list of…

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    Paper: Should you recycle or compost in Philadelphia?

    December 23, 20150

    As a loyal composting customer, I’ve been trying to figure out what to stick in my bin. Beyond fruit &…

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    Are soda & drink bottle caps recyclable?

    December 9, 20150

    Bottle caps. Technically, the city says that plastic is recyclable. but are the caps for soda or water bottles? Can…

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    What should I do with broken mason jars in the freezer? Recycle or trash?

    October 21, 20150

    You have too many veggies, so you make soup for later. Then you freeze it in a non-hazardous, non-BPA mason…

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    Recycle Your WEIRD waste This Saturday in Bella Vista

    October 7, 20150

    Do you have those ANNOYING things around the house you can’t seem to recycle? We have a special event to…

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    Where to Recycle Propane Tanks in Philly

    September 16, 20150

    Now that Summer’s almost over (tear), it’s close to time where we put away the grills and welcome in the…

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    Where Can I Dispose of Old Prescriptions & Medicine?

    September 9, 20150

    Do you have old prescriptions that expired or you no longer use? The DEA announced National Prescription Drug take-back day this…

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