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    4 Vegetarian Delivery Options When You’re Short on Time from Foodee


    By Sam Hawkins

    When it comes to the Philly food scene, there’s good food and there’s great food. Good food is tasty, nutritious and timely. Great food is all of the above, but you don’t need to go anywhere to get it.

    We’re not advocating for a sedentary lifestyle here, but when you’re stuck in the office, meal delivery can make sense. Being able to eat well is a productivity power up, and corporate catering companies, such as Foodee, provide a number of top local restaurants that you and your team can enjoy.

    If you’re looking for mouth-watering meals, here’s a meatless menu available for office delivery.

    4 Philly Vegetarian Delivery Options from Foodee

    Farmer’s Keep

    Farmer's Keep Philadelphia

    Farmer’s Keep prides themselves on providing creative cuisine for everyone, but it’s their selection of veggie options that really get me going. Owner Josh Bullock is passionate about allergen-free food and with Chef Ian Natowsky working by his side, the two compose bi-monthly menus that taste terrific.

    From the Green Goddess Salad, featuring zucchini, grapes and green apples, to a Kimchi Coleslaw, their items are fresh and flavorful.

    What to order: Try out their famous vegan chili, a smoky, spicy and savory dish.

    Herban Quality Eats

    Herban’s mission is to make nutritious taste delicious in a place where passion, motivation and learning all cross paths.

    Sourcing high quality farm-fresh ingredients, Herban is hooking up a bevy of vegetarian items. And with an assortment of sweet snacks and awesome early morning options, Herban Quality Eats is right for you.

    What to order: For all-out enjoyment, try the Vegan Jawn Sandwich. Jawn is a roasted bean patty served with roasted tomatoes and a hummus spread.


    Meltkraft Philadelphia

    Is it just me, or does grilled cheese not get enough love as a viable vegetarian option? MeltKraft is making sure this classic sandwich gets credit where credit is due. Sourcing their cheeses from Valley Shepherd Creamery – a local artisan cheese maker – MeltKraft creates gooey ooey works of art.

    What to order: Order the Melter Skelter Sandwich with Chips. Composed of raclette style cheese, pickled green tomatoes, jalapeno, BBQ potato chips and watercress, it’s sure to satisfy.

    Philly Style Bagels

    Philly Style Bagels

    Philly Style Bagels needs no introduction. Voted the Best New Sandwich by Bon Appétit, PSB boasts the most salivating bagels you can get your hands on…

    With a variety of cream cheeses to choose from, including scallion and jalapeno, these are great as a Monday morning pick me up or mid-afternoon snack.

    What to order: Check out their Veggie Sandwich, filled with cream cheese, cucumber, red onion, arugula, and avocado.


    Don’t forget that all these meals and more are available through Foodee. Check it out!

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