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    7 Green & Sustainable Philadelphia Food Trucks

    Food trucks are everywhere these days, from Night Market Philadelphia to college campuses.

    We all have our favorite food trucks in the city to run to on a lazy lunch day. But which ones partake in environmentally friendly practices every day?

    Food trucks in general have a mixed reputation in sustainability compared to stationary restaurants They require fuel and generate carbon emissions, but your neighborhood haunt still uses loads of electricity, water and imported ingredients. Food trucks often only move once or twice per day, use less water and often source from local vendors.

    Yet, food trucks tend to use loads of plastic flatware & paper napkin waste. So each food truck’s sustainability depends on their own practices.

    What can food trucks do for sustainability? They can use organic, local, fair-trade & seasonable ingredients. They may power their trucks by solar energy, zero-emissions or vegetable oil. Not idling is also crucial to decrease their carbon footprint.

    So how do the Philadelphia food trucks compare to the rest of the nation? We explored a few of the best bets right here in the city.

    Here are our picks for the top 7 Green Food Trucks in Philadelphia:

    1. Yumtown

    Yumtown Philadelphia Food Truck
    Yumtown has been serving seasonal and organic food to lucky Philadelphians since 2011. Andrew Tantisunthorn and Lanie Belmont, the owners of the truck, get their meats, cheeses, and produce from local farmers.

    2. “Sexy” Green Truck

    The Sexy Green Truck
    The ‘”Sexy” Green Truck sits on 13th and Norris, selling organic and healthy food options to Temple students. The truck is committed to being environmentally friendly; even the coffee is fair-trade! The truck’s pita sandwiches and sweet potato fries are a must-have. PHOTO: Meredith B. on Yelp

    3. Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck

    Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck
    Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck dishes out mouth-watering burgers made from local Lancaster grass-fed beef. If meat isn’t your cup of tea, their veggie burgers are equally delicious. Coupled with an all-natural mixed-to-order soda and some music blasting from the roof-mounted speakers, you’re bound to experience something special. PHOTO: The Daily Meal

    4. Local 215

    Local 215 Food Truck
    Local 215 is passionate about protecting the environment. The food truck is dedicated to eating locally and seasonally. From vegetable tempura to pork fritters, the choices are far from disappointing.

    5. Farm Truck

    Farm Truck Philadelphia Food Truck
    Farm Truck’s website lays out their mission plain and simple: “[It] was built around knowing what is in your food and where it comes from.” From local, organic produce to bread from local bakeries, Farm Truck knows what it takes to be green.
    6. Cloud Coffee

    Cloud Coffee Food Truck
    Need a pick-me-up? Cloud Coffee, started by two Tyler School of Art grads, brews locally roasted coffee beans in an effort to fill a gap in the coffee selection for Temple students. In addition to the coffee, the truck also organizes film screenings and art contests.

    7. Chewy’s

    Chewy's Philadelphia Food Truck
    Chewy’s is proud to be environmentally conscious. They use naturally-made materials for their containers, they recycle their fryer oil to help reduce pollution, and they donate food waste to farms for use as compost. Eating fried chicken and waffles never felt so good. PHOTO: Midtown Lunch

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