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    What to Eat Now: The Best of Spring Produce

    Strawberries Ah, spring produce is finally here! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had about all the apples, pears and winter citrus I can handle for a while. It’s time for some variety.

    When it comes to the best of spring produce here’s what to choose, how to pick the best of the best and a few seasonal recipes (to boot):

      • Artichokes –  Look for them to be  tightly packed and a bright green hue. And then try this vegan cauliflower pizza!
      • Asparagus – One of my favorites! Asparagus is more versatile than one might deduce. I love it roasted; But it’s also great steamed  or even raw if you’re adventurous. Look for the thinner stalks, tightly packed and uniform in length.
      • Beets – Choose beets with minimal marks and nicks.
      • Baby carrots – Authentic baby carrots (not the chopped kind bagged and marketed as so) come into season in late Spring and early Summer.
      • Cherries – typically the darker the cherry the sweeter the taste.
      • Kiwis – Look for a light brownish skin, and a firm texture. Did you know kiwi skin is edible? If you’re not game  for the skin you may still enjoy this kiwi strawberry smoothie.
      • Leeks – A cousin of the scallion and onion leeks should be bright in color and crisp. Avoid the flimsy ones they typically aren’t as fresh.

    mint julep cocktail

    • Mint – Good mint is easy to spot. It’s bright green without brown edges. Pick some up and kick back with a fresh mint julep cocktail.
    • Parsley – A great detoxifier parsley is a good addition to fish, poultry and even green juice. Again look for a bright green hue.
    • Radishes –  Should be still attached to leaves and have a little weight to them.  (I’ve never gotten into radishes but in the spirit of trying new things I think this may be the year.)
    • Spinach and most leafy greens – Greens are such a good source of vitamins, iron and calcium and you feel virtuous eating them… choose local varieties that are rich in color.
    • Strawberries – The best of the bunch comes into season in late spring and early summer. Give these mouth-watering vegan strawberry pancakes a shot; You won’t be sorry 😉
    • Sweet Onions – Choose firm orbs with minimal blemishes.
    • Sugar-snap peas – These should be on the plump side, but a few scratches or blemishes are okay.

    Stay tuned for more tasty recipes featuring spring produce!

    Readers, what is your favorite spring-time vegetable or fruit?

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