Jack-Johnson-2013-green-tour I’m a long-time Jack Johnson fan and as the years go by I seem to appreciate him more and more. There is just something about the cute native Hawaiian’s soothing voice and sweet often quirky lyrics that makes you want to stop sweating the small stuff, and go make some banana pancakes.  For me and many fans Jack Johnson = mellow. And who couldn’t use a little more of that feeling? The fact that he is one of the most environmentally conscious artists around just puts the guy over the top.

In Between Dreams and Brushfire Fairytales will probably always be my favorite albums but his latest From Here to Now to You includes some repeat worthy tunes.

Johnson’s green efforts on his last few tours have garnered attention from us and other environmentalists. And it seems like he and his crew (Johnson credits his wife, Kim, for many of the initiatives)  are hoping to make his current “From Here to Now to You” 2013 tour the greenest yet.

Here’s 6 sustainable things Johnson is doing for the From Here to Now to You Green Tour:

  • His All At Once network is collaborating with communities in the US and Europe to support sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives.
  • Transportation – Concert goers are encouraged to use public transportation, carpool or take advantage of the Jack Johnson Ride Share Program on ZimRide.
  • Food & Drink – Johnson tour crew will work directly with local farms and purveyors across North America to source locally grown organic foods. All disposable cutlery and tableware is biodegradable. You can check out the Eat Well Guide to find local and sustainable food at restaurants, farmers’ markets, CSAs and stores near the show or your neighborhood.
  • Eco Friendly Merch – If you’re a sucker for a concert T-shirt you’re in luck. All tour merchandise is made from sustainable materials with a focus on reusables and renewables. Check out the Jack Johnson shop!
  • Kleen Kanteen – Johnson and crew use Kleen Kanteen water bottles on stage and on tour.
  • Carbon Offsets – Though the band is taking as many eco-initatives as possible, remaining CO2 emissions for each show and the entire tour will be offset to support a variety of local and sustainable carbon management projects. Fans are given the option to purchase a ticket add-on (less than a dollar) to go towards carbon offsets.

Kudos if y’all happened to check out out Jack in Upper Darby a few weeks back! It’s disappointing that there aren’t any other local dates on the tour as of now but I’d still urge music lovers to support him by buying his latest CD and some cool merch.

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  • Clarice Wilson

    Its really inspiring what Johnson is practicing to promote sustainable development. Sustainable development and sustainable living is one good way to protect and save out environment and at the same time fulfilling all our daily need. More awareness among the people are required to curb activities that are hurting nature and causing more degradation. One very good example is Costa Rica, which is the country where I live and work. There has been tremendous efforts from the government of Costa Rica to promote sustainable development among the locals of Costa Rica. There has been huge development related to this effort, by people realizing the benefits of natural products and foods in Costa Rica and resorting less to pesticides and inorganic way to cultivation and producing crops.

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