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Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Green Philly Blog

Julie Hancher

I’ve always loved the environment – from when I learned about the three “R’s” in elementary school to today, trying to figure out if my toothbrush was produced in a sustainable fashion.  Obviously my favorite color is green (although pink is a close second favorite). While I know I can’t change the entire world on my own, I believe I can help others to start taking small actions.  Although I have a reputation as a tree-hugging hippie, I acknowledge many challenges and circumstances that make it impossible to be perfectly green – and point them out on this blog. But I do believe that if we all take small steps in the right direction – together we can make a huge impact in nature and our lives.

author of Green Philly Blog

I’m an advocate for the environment.  I’m reading, watching and learning about Philly and global green news (but like to read some trashy novels in between).  I graduated from Penn State (We Are!) with a Poli Sci degree, so I love to stay on top of legislation and political BS.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling (Don’t worry, I offset my carbon footprint), being outdoors (from biking Philly streets, to skiing, kickball or softball), and exploring Philadelphia from everything possible including Phillies games, live music and parks.  And I couldn’t be living the dream without my fabulous family, friends & orange tabby cat.

Talking trash & recycling with pigs in Australia.

  • debi

    Hi Julie,
    I am as passionate as you in trying to be a green advocate. I feel like it all starts at home and modeling for others.
    My young boys are very aware of thier responcibility to preserve the environment.:recycling and reusing are part of our everyday routines.
    I just wish others would catch on ,Unfortunately ,it will have to take congress to mandate as americans are too selfish to change on thier own.
    Let me know what I can do to help spread the word.
    Love the blog

  • haley

    Julie your cite looks great!

  • http://www.paigewolf.com Paige Wolf

    Great job guys! :)

  • Lisa

    Hey, this blog is great. It has definately inspired me to start doing the little things that I can to help the enviroment. At first I just started using less plastic bags when at stores and not using them at all if the items I had were easy to carry out with just my hands. Recently I forked over the $1.99 and bought a resuable bag for my groceries. Life is busy and it’s hard to be completely green but there are great tips on here on how you can do something small that will help a lot!

  • Emily

    I think what you’re doing is amazing! Thanks for the tips!

  • Lisa

    I have a question: I work really long days at my job…I am in the same time most places open and leave after most places are closed. We use a ton of paper at my work that eventually gets shredded and just thrown away. Is there any service that comes and pick up the shredded paper so that we can recycle it instead of just throwing it away?

  • http://greenphillyblog.wordpress.com Julie

    Hey Lisa! Thanks for your question. I know Philly is now recycling paper every week on the same day as your trash schedule. Recyclebank (http://www.recyclebank.com/) is also great because they pick up your recyclables and give you incentives to do so. Good luck!

  • Barbara

    Great site, Keep up the good work, We all have to be enviromentally responsible to pass on a cleaner earth to our children. It all begins with ME. That is what we have to remember, We – ME are responsible for what we do, and how it impacts our neighbor. We think that small things do not make a difference, but they do more than you think. Others see what we are doing and it snowballs into something greater.

  • http://greenphillyblog.wordpress.com Julie

    Good point Barbara- Often times people think of environmental habits as an inconvenience, although it can save money and help us in our everyday life. Keep up with the positivity!

  • http://www.greenjobsphilly.org/news paul glover

    Good to see this blog begin. I’ll link from next edition.

  • Monica

    Julie!!! Just checked out your site – it’s awesome.

  • http://www.jci.com Jon Greenberg

    Hey I love your blog, keep up the green work!

    Can I put up a guest post?


  • http://www.pecpa.org khiet

    Really fun, informative blog – lots to explore here. Nice work Julie.

  • http://www.farmtofreezer.wordpress.com cheryl kollin

    I love your photo of food waste and would like to use it for a TEDxManhattan talk I’m giving. I would need to get the photographers written permission. I’d need the high resolution jpeg by Feb. 6th. Please contact me if you can help out. Thanks very much! [email protected]

  • http://www.farmtofreezer.wordpress.com cheryl kollin

    Forgot to mention which blog post image: it is from Feb. 3, 2012 Friday Quickie: Take a Little Less.

  • http://www.greenphillyblog.com Julie

    Thanks Cheryl – We just sent a reply! :-)

  • http://greendrinksdelawarevalley.blogspot.com/ Mike Di Tizio

    Julie –

    It’s Mike from Canon / Green Drinks. Do you have any more info on your upcoming Plastic Bag event next Tuesday night? I’d like to post something on the GD DV blogspot page so I can get the word out and let others know (coworkers, non-green friends). Whatever you can send me would be appreciated.

    See you next week!

    Mike Di Tizio

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