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  • Academy Awards: Green Pictures for 2011

    With Hollywood’s biggest night fast-approaching Sunday, it’s time to sneak a peek at which films have an eco-impact.  During last year’s Academy Awards, the Cove‘s dolphin secret was exposed during their Best Documentary win. (During the speech, the filmmakers caused a stir by their activist message.)

    Here are the other green-themed movies up for nods on Sunday:

    • Gasland – As Clay reviewed, “Gasland not only explores the environmental effects of natural gas extraction and the price the people who live in proximity to extract pay, but it also provides a thorough explanation of the extraction process. For these reasons alone it’s a must watch for any Pennsylvanian.”  Fracking is detrimental to the environment, and it’s happening in your backyard, PA, at the Marcellus Shale.
    • Waste land: The world’s largest garbage dump outside Rio de Janeiro, people make art and a living. Vik Muniz discovers what life is like from the “catadores” or recyclables pickers, as they begin to re-imagine their lives:

    WASTE LAND Official Trailer from Almega Projects on Vimeo.

    • Sun Come Up – The Pacific Islands of Carteret are becoming the first “climate refugees” due to the sea-rise level.  They must move to higher grounds and face many challenges that will spread as many to 250 million worldwide if the global-warming projects hold true.

    Sun Come Up Trailer from Sun Come Up on Vimeo.

    • Warriors of Quigang is about the citizens of China’s Quigang & their fight to save their village from industrial poisons from a nearby industry.  3 major enterprises with little or no pollution controls poisoned locals with chemicals, pesticides & dyes – turning the river black, killing fish & wildlife, and burned residents’ eye & throats, as well as sickened children.

    Readers: What films are you rooting for on Sunday? Did you see any of these documentaries?

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    • Nic G

      For me, Gasland was an eye-opener. I could not believe the faucets that spewed flames!