Need some incentive to convince your employer to go green?


According to‘s article, employees were happier when their companies are perceived to be environmentally friendly. They defined company rankings from‘s “environmental performance” category that measure factors including recycling, clean/renewable energy usage, sustainability, conservation and preservation.

Employers are encouraged to recycle and also update employees of their efforts.

Readers, do you work for a green company (or not)? How does it affect your attitude?

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  • Nic G

    My company has worked towards going green, but as a large hospital, the transition has been slow. Recently, they supplied each employee with a personal paper recycling bin, and although that may not have affect morale, I have noticed my co-workers using them, which makes me happy!

  • Stephanie

    Some companies definitely do it for the ring reasons but right or wrong I’m glad that this is a “trend.” I think for employees that care this makes a big difference in overall happiness.

  • Julie

    Thanks Stephanie! I agree.

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