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  • Easy Guidelines to Plant your Backyard Garden

    I can be a procrastinator… and due to the weather/vacations/etc, I’ve delayed on planting my back porch city garden.

    Starting a garden isn’t an easy task – some plants can be easier to grow and benefit from than others.

    Luckily, I got some advice from MNN’s  Mother Nature Network to help my planting:

    • Space out planting foods that have a short harvest season – so you always have something to benefit from than a limited time period of abundance. For example, lettuce is easily grown at the beginning and end of summer.
    • Easiest garden foods for first timers include yellow squash, zucchini, potatoes, radishes and tomatoes.
    • Try putting potatoes & zucchinis in a planting container to control their growth – otherwise they may overtake your garden. (This isn’t a problem for me since all my plants are grown in containers!)
    • Radishes can tolerate shade and can bloom beginning 6 weeks from planting if you water them regularly
    • Strawberries can be grown in a plot, window box or basket they may not be the most abundant if in a pot from experience…)
    • Tomatoes are always fun for gardens and pots!
    • Try growing some herbs – Dill, parsley, & chives are a few of the easiest that grow abundantly and reseed themselves yearly.  Anise, basil, lavender & mint will also enhance your garden with aromas and beauty.  (And i loveee basil, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches/salads courtesy of the garden...)
    • 2 vital rules of gardening: 1) weed regularly (avoid those plant killers) and water in morning.

    Readers, what do you have planned for your gardens this season?

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    Julie Hancher

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