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    Environmentally Friendly Moving: Here’s How

    Moving to a new abode can be stressful (I’m currently in the process so I can vouch!) but it’s also an opportunity to start fresh and reevaluate.

    Starting anew doesn’t mean you have to abandon your eco-morals and discard haphazardly.

    Here’s some tips to make moving a little more sustainable:

    • Evaluate and take inventory: A few weeks before the move do a thorough sweep of clothing, books, appliances, bedding etc.  (Closet tip:  I usually donate anything that I haven’t worn in two seasons that doesn’t have sentimental value.) Try not to go crazy with the mentality that just because it’s old means it’s no good.  My husband has had the same outdated alarm clock since 1998 – but hey if it aint broke…
    • Donate: Once you’ve taken stock gather & organize belongings, and donate to Goodwill, Freecycle or sell on Craig’s List or ebay. One woman’s trash is another’s treasure.
    • Packaging: I like to save bubble wrap, sturdy boxes and padding from gifts that can be reused during a move.  Skip the styrofoam circus peanuts! When it comes to boxing things up try and think like you’re packing the car for a vacation. Use every nook and cranny to cut down on the amount of boxes you’ll use. For items that you’ll keep in storage consider using reusable containers that can sustain wear and tear (and continue the reuse cycle.) Another option is to use a service like rent-a-crate that provides reusable plastic crates they’ll drop off and pick up.
    • Travel: If utilizing a moving company ask that they use the smallest truck that can fit your belongings in one trip to cut down on fuel. Also ask to use a bio-fuel vehicle or hybrid if available.


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