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    How to Score a Hot Fall Trend for Under $15

    We aren’t kidding with the price and found all the pieces in our own city. We’ll show you how with our Mission: Local Thrift Store 

    With the fashion trends changing from season to season, it can be hard to maintain the look when you’re on a budget. Who doesn’t want top trends without the price tag?

    Luckily, we have a solution without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Whether you’re searching for a ‘new’ piece inspired by your Grandpa’s sweater or high-waisted jeans, there’s no better place to shop for vintage clothes than your local thrift store. Thrift shops hold so many unknown treasures all for an unbelievable cost.

    In order to stay ahead of the fall trends, we took a trip over to the Salvation Army in Manayunk and scouted clothing options. Fortunately, the thrift shop is home to many wonders just waiting for a new closet home. We found an overwhelming selection of clothes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

    While at Salvation Army, we pulled an outfit together that can be seen at any college campus during the fall, all for under $15.00. 


    2014 Fall Fashion – Local Thrift Guide

    Today’s look brings back one of my personal 90s favs, flannel. Flannels are a hot-commodity this season and with their soft texture, you’ll wonder why you haven’t snagged yours yet!

    To get this chic look, start out with a plain base t-shirt (remember, white matches everything and pulls an outfit together). A plain white t-shirt from American Apparel can cost anywhere from $14 – $20 (um, yeah – even for a plain white t-shirt). Salvation Army’s price was only $2. 

    After you scored your base, add a flannel jacket or even a flannel shirt on those warmer days. The Salvation Army price was only $6. 

    Pair the look with a black leggings or skinny jeans from your closet.

    Finish the look with a cute pair of combat boots, like the ones we found in Manayunk.

    Thrift shopping: where smart shoppers go to get the most, and spend the least.
    Thrift shopping: where smart shoppers go to get the most, and spend the least.


    How to get the look for less (from left – Salvation Army to right – Retailers):

    1. Flannel Jacket $6 ($47 at Forever21)
    2. White t-shirt $2 ($14 at American Apparel)
    3. Combat Boots $10 ($69 at Steve Madden)

    Need an outfit that’s transitional from day to night? Try throwing the flannel over a simple black dress and slip a pair of flats in your satchel; nothing says functional like a black dress.

    With such hot styles, even Mackelmore is asking… Can we go thrift shopping now? 

    Readers, what thrift store steals have you discovered? Tell us in the comments.

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