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    Five Fun Ways to Use Mason Jars

    mason-jar-cocktailsMason jars made a huge comeback over the past few years. You see them on many a foodie blog, they are all over pinterest, and cafes & gastro-pubs alike often serve whimsical cocktails in these glass jars.

    A few things that make mason jars so great:

    • They’re easy to clean
    • Portability
    • High versatility (see below)
    • They’re reusable! With proper care these babies could last for decades.

    Here are five fun ways to use mason jars.

    1. Drinks! 

    This one is pretty obvious but worth mentioning as I’m finding there is no shortage of beverages we’ll use mason jars for in my house.  Smoothies, cocktails, water, lemonade, and iced tea are some favorites.

    The most fun use? Uh, cocktails, of course. Mason jars are a little thicker than regular glasses so they seem to keep drinks cooler and they’re wide so allow plenty of room for garnishes like fruit in blueberry mojitos or lemon slices in an Arnold Palmer.

    2. Layered Desserts and Salad 

    mason-jar-dessertsDon’t just stop at beverages. Mason jars are great for pretty desserts and layered salads (like this favorite of mine).

    Jar desserts make a sweet and thoughtful gift for little dinero. The presentation trick is in the layering. You can get creative with fruit, pudding, chocolate, marshmallows… Bonus – your gift recipients now have a jar they too can reuse and repurpose.

    I also like putting my oatmeal or cereal in mason jars when I have to eat breakfast on my commute.


    3. Soap or Lotion Dispenser 

    This is my latest use for the jars. I love how something so simple adds a cute, vintage vibe to the bathroom and kitchen. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a mason jar soap dispenser.

    4. Candle Holders or Vases

    mason-jar-candlesI used to be all about banquet candle holders but I think mason jar candles will be my new trick this fall and winter when lighted candles are my go-to cozy decor addition. I have not been brave (or crafty) enough yet to hang them but there’s a ton of inspiration on pinterest if you’d like to give that a go.

    They also make awesome vases for freshly cut flowers or large herbs.

    Both are a nice DIY option for wedding centerpieces.

    5. Store Fruit, Nuts, Grains and more 

    A practical use for mason jars is storage. I’ve found myself storing pantry staples like quinoa, lentils, and rice in the jars. They are also useful for stacking CSA berries (as the containers often break or get soggy quickly).


    How do you guys use mason jars?  Let us count the ways. 


    Photo credits: Foodfamilyfinds, Theantiquedoor, Twomenandalittlefarm

    About Beth Funari

    Beth is a Health and Wellness expert who believes sustainability goes hand-in-hand with self care. She’s the girl whipping up kombucha cocktails at parties, and extolling the benefits of canning vegetables to anyone who will listen.

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    • Sam

      OMG that dessert in a mason jar looks yummy. I use them for vases too. Mason jars are the best, whimsical for sure 😉