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  • Gasland 2 to Premier at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival this April Josh-Fox-Gasland-2 Full view

    Gasland 2 to Premier at NYC’s Tribeca Film Festival this April


    Josh-Fox-Gasland-2Gasland Part II will make its World Premier at the famous Tribeca Film Festival in NYC on April 21st.

    The much-anticipated sequel to the ground-breaking and controversial Gasland will likely frame more heated debates from both fracking supporters and adversaries.

    Pennsylvania was and is among the states where fracking is a major concern. Gasland and Gasland Part II filmaker Josh Fox has said that 60-65% of PA land is being turned over to gas companies for exploration and drilling. (For a refresher on the dangers of fracking in PA check out this article and this one too.)

    Per standard Environmentalists and legislators continue to butt heads. And Josh Fox continues to work on exposing the dangers and consequences of fracking. Last year Fox was arrested at a congressional meeting focusing on hydraulic fracking after Republicans refused to allow him to film, citing that he didn’t have proper media credentials.

    It’ll be interesting to see what developments Fox has made in recent years and what’s made the cut for Gasland II. The Tribeca Film Festival garners attention from film enthusiasts and activists around the country so it just may be an ideal venue for the premier.



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