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    Green Weddings: Ceremony Edition

    It’s wedding season. Planning your own (or your best friend, sibling or child’s) wedding is undoubtedly exciting… and sometimes just a teeny bit overwhelming.

    There’s a ton of decisions to make and for those who are eco-minded, there’s the question of how to pull it all off with sustainability in mind.

    Today let’s talk about the ceremony. Ceremony traditions & rituals can depend on religion and heritage but typically they’re a pretty important part of the day. (It’s when the “deal” is sealed after all…)

    Here’s a few ways to help green the ceremony:

    Flowers: Yep, your Mom may want you to go all out. However a lot of churches, synagogues & altars are ornate and majestic enough without the extra flowers.  (I scaled back on ceremony flowers when I said “I do” last summer as I found our boathouse space to be pretty as is.)

    Another aspect to consider is where the flowers are sourced. Using local varieties cuts down on the shipping carbon footprint. Talk to your florist about what flowers are grown within the tri-state area. Another bonus is they’re usually cheaper. Keep this in mind when choosing a bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, and flowers for the wedding party as well.

    Paper: Some couples choose to print a program.  If this is important to your ceremony then opt to print on recycled paper and keep the quantity down. A lot of guests won’t pick up the program (or perhaps your shy program-givers are uncomfortable handing them to relatives they don’t recognize…)

    When it comes to signage directing guests where to go – try and cut down here.  Designate the job of traffic director to a friend or relative as there’s no need to get carried away with personalized signs that can only be used once.

    Beverages: If you choose to serve refreshments like lemonade or iced-tea pre-ceremony, have the caterers use reusable glass and stemware.  It’s classier than plastic cups, anyway.

    Exit strategy (or the recessional): Another personal choice – throwing rice is an old-fashioned tradition and has consequences for hungry birds who can’t digest the stuff. A lot of couples choose to provide guests with bubbles (unfortunately these usually come in a plastic container that can’t be easily reused.)  If you enjoy DIY making your own eco-friendly bubbles is an option, albeit potentially time consuming.  My pick? Don’t “throw” anything: Keep it simple and choose a great, fun or unique song to make the exit truly memorable.

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