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  • Guest Blogger Review – Gasland: Natural Gas Hits the Big Screen

    Guest Blogger Clay’s Recommendation: Gasland on HBO

    Written and Directed by Pennsylvania native Josh Fox, Gasland paints a bleak picture of a booming industry that exploits people and the environment to cash in on North America’s natural gas reserves. Startled by the recent development of natural gas extraction in Pennsylvania, Fox heads west to better understand what a fully established natural gas industry means for the environment and surrounding communities. Traveling throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Texas (where the natural gas industry has been operating for the past decade) Fox conducts interview after interview with locals and the results are not pretty. Gasland not only explores the environmental effects of natural gas extraction and the price the people who live in proximity to extract pay, but it also provides a thorough explanation of the extraction process. For these reasons alone it’s a must watch for any Pennsylvanian.  Catch Gasland currently on HBO & PBS.

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    Posted by Clay

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