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    The Shocking Truth about Lithe Method

    Lithe Method reviewHi. My name is Julie, and I’m addicted to Lithe Method.

    I’ve witnessed others try this workout since the first studio opened while I was living in Northern Liberties. Lithe Method Studio But I didn’t think it could happen to me.

    As a loyal PSC customer for over 6 years, I checked my attendance record in September. 10. times. total. (in 6 months.) My warmer months were spent running and biking, but I needed something new for the winter.

    I wanted to give the Pilates, Cheerleading and ballet combination of Lithe Method a whirl.

    Lithe Method Trial – My Review

    Lithe ran a promotion for a free 101 introductory class in October, which became so popular they extended it indefinitely. My first intro class was slightly overwhelming with unique terminology, forms and perky instructions. ‘Fish out of water’ was likely an understatement. Upon leaving the class, I was intimidated yet intrigued by the loyalty of Lithers.

    After the initial 101, there’s a New Lither Monthly special (1-per-day) for 30 days at $125. I decided to try all the classes my heart desired for 30 days and then move on to a new Philly fitness studio. Just a trial, right? 

    Admittedly, I’m not the most agile athlete. During my first few classes, I felt slightly out of place: picture a class full of gorgeous ladies in Lululemon attire that rivals some of my cutest Saturday evening outfits. Pom routines lead to flashbacks of my 13-year-old self cheerleading-tryouts-gone-wrong.

    Yet each CCS (Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting®) class pushed my limits and worked out body parts I forgot existed. Props like a blue ball to squeeze between your legs during Skinny Jeans engage several muscle groups, and thigh-high socks (I only wear for a roller disco) during Hot Legs help you glide across the floor.

    As I continued taking classes, my comfort and confidence rose. By my third Pom class, I plowed through the cheer-sculpt routine with ease. Instead of fitting the classes around my schedule, I found myself rearranging meetings and delaying outings with friends to squeeze Lithe in. Of my30 day trial, I made it 23 days (sans one hungover one).

    The shocking result? Although my body hasn’t totally hit bikini season-ready, I gained new muscle definition in my arms, my core is stronger and I break a sweat in every class (my lack of sweating has been a running joke with my BFF for years). Most importantly, I have a blast.

    The instructors are kind, funny and push you to your limits. The classes kick your ass. Women of all shapes, sizes & ages power through Lithe together. When your arms/legs/mind are at the breaking point, one set is complete and another one replaces it.

    Lithe Method: The Cons

    The cons of Lithe are ultimately the cost & popularity of it. Class signup opens 4 weeks in advance and the majority have wait lists. The majority of the wait lists move with ease, but you should try to schedule a few days in advance when possible. If you’re a procrastinator like me, you can always call before class to check on last minute cancellations and get in 95% of the time.

    Lithe ranges from $22 per class to $210/monthly (or 1-per-day), or $2200 for an annual (year-long) membership, varied on how often you attend. Although Lithe can be considerably higher than a monthly gym membership, they offer smaller classes with noticeable results. Plus, discounted promotions do come up periodically, so keep your eyes peeled on their blog or for package deals.

    Lithe Method – The Essentials

    Lithe Method is easy enough – You can buy classes and schedule them (or cancel up to 6 hours in advance) on both the website and convenient iPhone app.

    The 40+ classes to choose from focusing on various muscle groups, cardio or a combination. Class descriptions clue you in for what you’ll be in for.

    Find out more on the Lithe Method’s website.

    Readers, have you tried Lithe? What did you enjoy or hate? Or if you’re a regular lither, what are your favorite or most despised parts of the class?

    **As always, all opinions are my own. Lithe did not compensate me or even ask me to write this blog post. I just wanted to share my new-found addiction. 

     Photo: The Walk Magazine





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