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    How to Green Your Easter

    In case you weren’t paying attention to the pastel colored retail onslaught as of late – heads up – Easter’s this weekend!

    For those that celebrate this can be a fun, relaxed holiday filled with candy and family.  I already feel a sugar rush coming on…

    In the midst of the festivities how can you keep up your green habits?

    Here’s some tips:

    • Reuse, reuse, reuse. Filling easter baskets with treats is a tradition for many families. Growing up my parents reused the same baskets for my brothers and I for about 15 years. (Thanks, Mom!) This is definitely the more prudent route, there’s no point in buying a new basket when most will last for eons and become a tradition (like Christmas stockings).
    • Lose the grass. The typical green straw stuffed in baskets is made of plastic, makes a mess and is rarely reused after the holiday. In my opinion the stuff won’t be missed. But if you can’t go completely bare-bones, an alternative is to shred or cut old paper and use that to line baskets.
    • Safer, smarter dye. I love dying eggs and would never dare suggest that be cut as a family easter tradition. However, the store bought concoctions can be filled with nasty toxins.  Check out this article featuring blueberries, green tea, and other easily accessible foods to use as egg dye. Show kids that household foods can have a two fold purpose.
    • Eggs. When purchasing your eggs for dying and eating choose organic, free range that are produced as close to home as possible.
    • Feasting. A big family gathering can make it tempting to use disposable flatware. But suck up the extra dish washing, and use your finest flatware for the holidays. It’s much less wasteful, and makes for a better presentation!
    • Candy! Go for candy that uses less packaging ( like jelly beans, and m & ms) instead of the individually wrapped varietes.  And, opt for environmentally conscious companies like Endangered Species Chocolate when you can.

    Readers, what are you doing to green your holidays this year?

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