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  • Jess Rizzuti’s Sustainable and Eco Friendly HandBag Collection Beth Funari Jess Rizzuti eco bag - Enjoying the Cork Natural Embossed Clutch Full view

    Jess Rizzuti’s Sustainable and Eco Friendly HandBag Collection

    Beth Funari Jess Rizzuti eco bag
    Enjoying the Cork Natural Embossed Clutch

    Ladies (and fashion-forward Gents) it’s time to treat yourself to something decadent that won’t leave you feeling guilty. No I’m not talking about vegan smoothies, today it’s all about handbags – specifically Jess Rizzuti’s collection. Recently Rizzuti’s PR department reached out to see if we might be interested in reviewing a sampling of her collection.  An opportunity to check out on loan eco-friendly handbags that happen to be pretty gorgeous as well? You bet I’m in!

    Rizzuti launched her first handbag collection in 2009 in her native New York. Presently, she continues to design there developing each pattern by hand in her studio.

    Rizzuti’s cork handbag designs have been nominated for the Best Green Handbag in the Independent Handbag Designer Awards sponsored by InStyle for two consecutive years.

    Rizzuti believes fashion can come without sacrificing the environment. Her work reflects an appreciation not only for creativity in fashion , but also for the planet. She values the skill and expertise of local vendors and craftsman who create her textiles, samples, and are responsible for the production of the collection.

    I had an opportunity to check out the Harper baguette cork natural clutches and the Olivia top handle bag in cork python print. My favorite was the cork clutch; I loved the earthy yet polished vibe and the cork texture is surprisingly soft. Rizzuti’s clutches are versatile enough to take you from day to night –  and the perfect accessory to spice up an otherwise ordinary ensemble.

    The Olivia top handle bag is also a great pick for ladies who want something structured and prefer the versatility of a long strap. The textured python prints are fresh and fun without being too flashy. The only drawback I found was the zippers need to be handled carefully so they don’t get stuck.

    Jess Rizzuti sees her customer as a classic, sophisticated 35-year-old professional woman with a keen mind and eye for quintessential fashion. Her bags feel luxurious – they aren’t cheap ranging from around $200-$600. But, in my opinion they’re worth it. I’m a fan!

    To check out the complete Spring 2013 collection head to Jess Rizzuti’s pretty site or view a listing of where you can find her pieces.

    Jess, we’d love to see your collection in Philly soon!

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    Beth is a Health and Wellness expert who believes sustainability goes hand-in-hand with self care. She’s the girl whipping up kombucha cocktails at parties, and extolling the benefits of canning vegetables to anyone who will listen.

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