don't buy crap - avoid junk during this holiday season.Stores and marketers want to sell you crap. (I know, because I AM a marketer.)

Don’t buy into the gimmicks of “iPhone holders”, solar-powered waving queens and a banana whip maker. (Um, we gave you a Banana Whip recipe. Just use your existing food processor or blender.) Single-use (or single purpose) products often times end up being used once (or not at all) and then end up in Goodwill, China or landfills. Just like this Guardian post explains, on the 12th day of Christmas, your present will be junk.

Instead of filling someone’s home with more “stuff”, try giving a gift of time this holiday season. Buy your loved ones lunch or even a trip to the local coffee shop. Do your loved ones live far away? Get your newly-parented sibling & in-laws tickets to see a movie or play. Give them a gift certificate for a local restaurant.

Regardless of what you give, spending time and catching up is much more valuable than those iPhone Bunny ears, anyway.


Photo: AG Beat


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