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    Friday Quickie: Are AntiBacterial Soaps Best?

    Green-SoapDuring cold and flu season it’s important to be especially diligent about washing our hands.  But are the often touted antibacterial soaps really better when it comes to preventing germs?

    Some experts say that plain ol regular soap and water do the job just as well.

    The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has made statements that hand washing with regular soap is as effective at removing germs as antibacterial soaps, and they don’t necessarily endorse antibacterial soap.

    So what’s the key to cleanliness and germ-fighting? The CDC lays out guidelines which includes washing for at least 20 seconds. (Hmmm I remember hearing on an old episode of Oprah that you should sing happy birthday to yourself 3 times while washing and you’ll be good.)



    About Beth Funari

    Beth is a Health and Wellness expert who believes sustainability goes hand-in-hand with self care. She’s the girl whipping up kombucha cocktails at parties, and extolling the benefits of canning vegetables to anyone who will listen.

    Your thoughts . . .

    • Ben

      Yep! It’s also important to get your hands nice and dry. Any suggestions on good local soap?

    • Hi Ben! Duross & Langel on S 13th street makes soap from botanical sources packaged in environmentally-friendly materials.

    • Ben


    • Simon

      OMG.. Leave it to Oprah.. LOL!! In nursing school we were told to sing happy birthday as we wash our hands to guarantee all the bacteria was off.

    • Jonathan

      Good tip! Nasty colds are usually not solved by soap but by tea and rest man!