preserve your leafy greensWhether you have a kick-ass CSA this year or are frequenting the Philly Farmers Markets, it’s the time right now where leafy greens are a predominate portion of your foods. And if you’re receiving CSA shares with loads of lettuce, you’ll learn REAL quickly if you can preserve them or not.

Considering this is my second go at a CSA and I still hadn’t mastered the skills, it was important for me to figure it out. Here’s 2 methods that will help preserve your leafy greens like lettuce, swiss chard, kale and more:

  1. You want to cool your greens ASAP when you get home from the CSA or Farmers’ Market. Fill a large pot or kettle with cold water and submerge the greens. You can choose to separate leaves or keep them as a head.
    Alternate method: Use the detachable spray feature on your sink head to rinse your lettuce & mist the leaves.
  2. Use a salad spinner and/or shake your leaves free of excess water. 
  3. Store in a glass (or plastic) container lined with a paper towel. Alternately, you can place leaves in a bag tied loosely in a fridge drawer.

Other expert tips:

  • Don’t leave your greens out overnight without refrigeration.
  • Don’t put your greens in the fridge without protection.

Readers, do you have any other tips to preserve your leafy greens?

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