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    Avoid Microbeads – Mini Plastic Litter – Friday Quickie

    Micro plasticsEver see those commercials for ‘microbeads’, created to massage and exfoliate your body or face? They’re typically purple or a color in a clear cosmetic gel and advertised to be AMAZING?

    They’re actually micro-plastics, or particles of polyethylene. And they’re now bobbing around the seas, oceans, and water. These  micro-plastics too small for sewage so they typically end up in oceans, designated to become a pollutant. And as a bonus, wildlife consumes them, mistaking it for plankton and food.

    Avoid buying products with microbeads. Better yet, go for bar soaps and natural brands.

    Want to learn more? The Plastic Soup Foundation has a sweet video about plastic soup:


    Photo: Science Buzz

    Julie Hancher

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