recycle bin overflowingEver get frustrated when you see a water bottle (the horror!) in your friends trash can? This is pretty much my nightmare.

I’ve come to relax my enviro-nazi tactics and try not to over-preach my green gospel. But I did a social experiment at work when I noticed the kitchen trashcan overfilling with recyclable goods.

Here’s what I did: I simply placed 1 piece of paper above the trash and recycling bin saying what can be recycled and what can’t (should be trash). I kept it short & simple and did this without making a fuss.

Without official scales or numbers, I’ve noticed the office waste has converted from an overflowing trash to an overflowing recycling bin. I think my experiment worked!

The takeaway?

Often, people would take the easy route. But a reminder every so often can go far. And those close in your life? Feel free to give a not-so-subtle hint. I announce “recycling violation” when I find an empty TP roll or shampoo violation at my parents house in the bathroom trash. (But it does work… eventually.)

Need to know what you can recycle in Philly? Check the Streets Department list of what you can & can’t recycle. Odder items are covered in our Where Can I Wednesday column.


Photo: Uncommon Goods


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