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  • Worthy Green Band: CAKE

    The band Cake has been making music for over a decade. These days, they’re known as one of the greenest bands in the world.

    In an age where some artists are emitting caimagesrbon like it’s their job – Cake’s efforts are pretty darn refreshing.

    In 2008 the band converted it’s Sacramento recording studio to run 100 percent from solar energy. Some of Cake’s other green initiatives include:


    • Hosting the annual traveling music festival Unlimited Sunshine tour, which brings together lesser-known musicians and environmental organizations like Earthjustice, Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Arbor Day Society and HeadCount. The festival is a chance to enjoy new music and learn about educational environmental resources.
    • Cake’s albums and merchandise are made with non-bleached recycled stock and non-toxic vegetable dyes
    • Cake’s also replaced CD Jewel boxes with coated cardboard Re-Pak Digipaks, and
    •  the band heavily promotes and encourages carpooling to their upcoming shows via a messenger board on their website.

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