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  • You Can Ask Mayor Kenney to Kill Anti Electric Vehicle Bill

    So we’ve all grumbled about 2017 policy actions. But here’s a tiny thing you can do with a significant impact locally.

    If you’ve walked around Philly neighborhoods lately, you’ve probably noticed Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers in front of homes. These residents are allowed to own an EV, designate a parking space and charge their vehicle for a superlight carbon footprint.

    EVs save on carbon emissions. On average, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) representative of those sold today produce less than half the global warming emissions of comparable gasoline-powered vehicles, even when the higher emissions associated with BEV manufacturing are taken into consideration.

    Yet last week, Philadelphia City Council voted on Bill 170093-A to amend Section 12-1131 of The Philadelphia Code entitled, “Electric Vehicle Parking,” to place a moratorium on electric vehicle parking. Since EVs take 12 hours to charge, it could also render them undrivable for residents who have invested in them.

    Resident and EV Participant Adam Novick started a change.org petition after he invested in an EV to divert from fossil fuels. “When we enrolled in the program, although he could not yet understand me, I recall saying to my son “you will grow up in a world no longer fully reliant on fossil fuels.”  Now I feel that goal is at risk.”

    You can find and sign the petition online.

    How to Tell Mayor Kenney to Veto the EV Bill

    Want to keep EVs in Philadelphia?  Contact the Mayor’s Office Directly:

    Office of the Mayor
    City Hall, Office 215
    Philadelphia, PA, 19107
    Phone: (215) 686-2181
    Email: James.Kenney@phila.gov


    Photo: Debbie Lutz

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