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    Cherry Hill Auto Dealer Unveils Environmentally Friendly Motorcycles

    Cherry Hill automotive and motorcycle dealers, Eckenhoff Automotive, unveiled the eco conscious Zero Motorcycle line this Monday. Zero Motorcycles are dubbed “electric super motor bikes” manufactured in Santa Cruz, California. These days they’re the leader in the electric bike industry.

    I spoke with the father, son team – Ted and Glenn Eckenhoff- to get the scoop.

    GPB:  What do you think makes the zero motorcycles special? Why did you decide to bring in this product line to Eckenhoff Automotive?

    Eckenhoff: The bikes are totally electric. They use no engine oil, no transmission and need no servicing. They use a battery that takes about eight hours to charge.  They are 100% automatic. Most bikes are not this low maintenance. And, they’re light and easy to ride.

    GPB: Have you test-driven the bikes? How do they compare to standard motorcycles?

    Eckenhoff:  Yes, they are not competing with the loud motors like Harley’s and such. These aren’t those big, heavy bikes.  They are comfortable and light. The bigger model weighs about 290 lbs. And, the cost is affordable (roughly between 7k-12k.) That’s significantly less expensive than a hybrid.

    GPB: What do you see as the major benefits of the zero motorcycle line? Environmentally speaking or otherwise?

    Eckenhoff: These are great for commuters – no gas needed.  You’ll save significant money with the way gas prices are going up! The line is built in California so they’re not imported out of the country like other bikes.  (This cuts down the production carbon footprint.)  And, there’s no transmission!

    Another interesting stat: Zero motorcycle will produce less than one-eighth of the CO2 pollution per mile at the power plant than a gas powered motorcycle. It will also produce 1/100th of the smog causing nitrous oxides.

    Interested in learning more? The Eckenhoffs will showcase the bikes at the Sustainability Symposium at the Franklin Institute this Thursday (sold out.) And, at the Art Blooms Earth Festival on April 28th.

    In India and China electric bikes like these are a common form of transportation. Perhaps, the US will follow suit.

    To find out more call Eckenhoff Automotive at 856-482-5300.

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