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    Environmental Justice Alert: PA DEP wants your input tomorrow

    Feel like your concerns aren’t being heard? PA has your back.

    The PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ) is nearing the end of a nine-stop Environmental Justice listening tour, focusing on engaging residents and leaders in DEP’s decision-making process. This is their way to involve residents in communities that may not fit the traditional definition of an environmental justice area (AKA minority population and income levels).

    Tomorrow, on May 25 from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m., the DEP is asking for input Environmental Justice issues. Join the session at Fairmount Water Works (640 Water Works Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19130). We even included the list of questions below so you can prepare notes. 

    Can’t make the session? Submit comments via email until May 25 to DEP-OEJ@pa.gov .

    listening sesh questions:

    • What environmental justice concerns are most pressing in your community?
    • Do you feel that the current definition of an environmental justice community (20% poverty and/or 30% minority) properly represents the needs of your community and the Commonwealth at large?
    • Do you feel the DEP is engaged with marginalized communities to ensure that they have a voice in the decision making process? How can the DEP be more engaged with these communities?
    • What tools have you used to find out information on DEP permitting/enforcement actions?
    • What ways can the DEP be more effective at sharing information with the public?
    • How can the DEP be more effective at receiving public input?
    • What resource(s) is your community lacking that the DEP can provide that would assist in efforts to ensure environmental equity?
    • What additional steps can be taken by the Department to effectively reach out to these vulnerable communities to ensure that their concerns are taken into consideration?


    Julie Hancher

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