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  • FU Sandy : Flying Fish Supports NJ Sandy Storm Relief FU-Sandy Beer Full view

    FU Sandy : Flying Fish Supports NJ Sandy Storm Relief

    FU-Sandy-BeerFlying Fish Brewing Co. has announced that they’ll debut a new beer early this February and donate 100% of the proceeds to New Jersey victims of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy.

    The new beer named “Forever Unloved Sandy” or F.U. Sandy for short is dubbed a hybrid wheat-pale ale.

    I say hats off to Flying Fish; The thing that strikes me as especially cool about this is Flying Fish isn’t just donating profits but every dollar and cent to NJ Sandy Storm Relief.

    The F.U. Sandy brew will produce approximately 100 kegs of beer, sales of which will generate $50,000 directly towards a charity.  The recipient of the F. U. Sandy funds will be a grassroots NJ-based charitable organization dedicated to Superstorm Sandy relief and chosen by Flying Fish fans via social media.  To nominate a charity, visit the brewery on twitter @jerseyfreshale and onFacebook.  The beer will be available beginning in February, exclusively on draught, throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia region.

    Founder Gene Muller and many Flying Fish employees are NJ residents, and they hope that by brewing and selling this special beer, they can help to support the renaissance and redevelopment efforts of the beloved but heavily storm-damaged Jersey shore.

    In 2012 Flying Fish moved to a new facility in Somerdale, NJ. The new brewery is the largest in the state since the prohibition.

    Their current goal is to set up a grand brew release on Valentine’s Day weekend.


    Photo credit: Flying Fish Brewing Co. 

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