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  • Ultimate Cheat Sheet to how Your Legislator is Voting on the Environment US-capitol Full view

    Ultimate Cheat Sheet to how Your Legislator is Voting on the Environment

    If you’ve been feeling like environmental issues are taking a back seat for this new administration, you’re not wrong. But exactly how bad is it?

    The 2016 Environmental Scorecard

    The Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania provides an excellent tool for voters to monitor how their legislators are voting on the environmental issues they care about.

    The 2016 National Environmental Scorecard recently debuted to see how your legislators are doing, on a scale from 0-100. The Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) compile the report, tracking political voting records since 1971. You can see a yearly overview by state or assess an individual representative’s track record for each bill.

    Looking at the data, the current direction for the environment is SAD!, as some may say. Pennsylvania representatives are polarized in their concern for the environment and represent the full range of scores from 0 to 100. But don’t lose hope in Pennsylvania yet, there are some environmental champions among your representatives.

    How did PA Representatives Vote on the Environment?

    Pennsylvania’s US Senators were polar opposites with their environmental voting scores. Our pal Senator Bob Casey received a perfect green voting record, while M.I.A. Senator Pat Toomey earned zero points for protecting the environment.

    “Despite last year being the hottest year on record, members like Senator Pat Toomey put corporate profits ahead of the health of Pennsylvanians, environmental protections, and climate action every chance he got,” said Conservation Voters of PA’s Executive Director Josh McNeil.

    How did rest of PA legislators do? See the full list below.

    Complete List of Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation Scores:

    • Senator Bob Casey (D)- 100
    • Senator Pat Toomey (R) – 0
    • Rep. Robert Brady (D-1)- 97
    • Dwight Evans (D-2) – 100
    • Mike Kelly (R-3) – 0
    • Scott Perry (R-4) – 0
    • Glenn Thompson (R-5) – 3
    • Ryan Costello (R-6) – 39
    • Patrick Meehan (R-7) – 29
    • Michael Fitzpatrick (R-8) – 47
    • Bill Shuster (R-9) – 3
    • Tom Marino (R-10) – 5
    • Lou Barletta (R-11) -3
    • Keith Rothfus (R-12) – 0
    • Brendan Boyle (D-13) – 100
    • Mike Doyle (D-14) – 100
    • Charlie Dent (R-16) – 18
    • Joe Pitts (R-16) – 0
    • Matt Cartwright (D-17) – 100
    • Tim Murphy (R-18) – 3

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