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    Office of Sustainability Releases Energy Plan to reduce 80% CO2 for All

    Finally, the City of Philadelphia has revealed how we can all get on board with the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Recently, the City’s Office of Sustainability (OOS) debuted its Energy Master Plan for city buildings. But if we want to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement (with or without the federal government), we need all of Philly to be involved.

    Today, Powering Our Future: A Clean Energy Vision for Philadelphia is the way that the rest of Philadelphia – residents, communities, and institutions – to reduce carbon emissions 80% from the 2006 levels by 2050.

    Powering Our Future – Plan Structure

    The plan to reduce carbon has identified 5 core categories to work on:

    Energy Plan 5 core values

    1. Clean Electricity Supply
    2. Citywide Solar
    3. Energy-Efficient Homes and Businesses
    4. Low-Carbon Thermal Energy
    5. Low-Carbon Economy

    Powering our Future is in draft version and open for comment through January 31st. Read the full draft which is available online and tell the city what you think with this brief survey here. (Tell them! This is your city and future!)

    As Christine Knapp, Director of Sustainability said in the press release:

    Powering Our Future outlines opportunities for residents, communities, and institutions to make Philadelphia’s clean energy vision a reality. “This draft report is the next step in an important on-going conversation about how we can work together to make sure all Philadelphians can efficiently use clean, affordable energy.”

    Photo by Connor Ellsworth on Unsplash

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