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    Philly Drops to #50 “Greenest” According to WalletHub

    Wallethub debuted its annual Greenest Cities in America list, and they dropped Philly’s rankings yet again. (Perhaps they missed our recent energy announcement that city buildings will go 100% renewable by 2030?)

    Recent year trends went as follows:

    WalletHub greenest cities Rankings 2015-2017

    Philly’s middle of the pack rankings place us after climate change-flooded Miami and Baltimore. At least we can say we edged out Denver, right?

    Top 10 honors went to San Fran, San Diego, Fremont CA, Honolulu, San Jose, DC, Sacramento, Irvine, Portland & Oakland, CA.

    How are the scores ranked? WalletHub’s analysts (AKA mostly professors) compared the 100 most populated cities across four key dimensions: 1) Environment, 2) Transportation, 3) Energy Sources and 4) Lifestyle & Policy.

    We’re not too worried about the rankings. With more talks of bike lanes, the SEPTA Key, Christine Knapp (and her chic sustainable dresses) leading the green initiatives – we’re bound to only move up.

    Once again (as we mentioned last year), it’s worth noting that Wallethub is mostly clickbait articles that local media likes to use for content and defines itself as “the first-ever website to offer free credit scores and full credit reports that are updated on a daily basis.”


    Photo Credit: Photo by J. Fusco for VISIT PHILADELPHIA®


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