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  • Win a T-shirt of Your Pet’s Face & Help ACCT Shelter Animals

    Do you love your pet so much that you want a shirt with their picture on it?

    Here’s your chance to do so while helping shelter animals! Through Sunday, November 5th you can submit your absolute favorite photo of your pet through ACCT Philly.

    To enter, all you have to do is submit a picture of your furry bestie and pay the $10 entry fee. Votes are one dollar and you must purchase at least $5 worth of votes, which can be spread out amongst multiple photos. You already share your pet’s picture on all your social media, why not do it for a good cause and raise money for homeless pets?

    Donations that are raised through the contest go to programs that have the most impact, such as making kennels better for our furry friends and medical care for injured pets.

    In 2016, over $10,000 was raised through this contest and ACCT Philly hopes to meet this goal again this year. ACCT relies on donations like these to keep helping animals in the community.

    For more info go to America’s Next Top Mutt Photo Contest.

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