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    The Secret to Getting More Bike Lanes in Philadelphia: Revealed

    How do we make biking more accessible for ALL Philadelphians?

    The Bicycle Coalition addressed this during their SustainPHL #FuturePHL acceptance speech on August 18, 2016.

    Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart discussed how doing the “small” part of biking – whether we’re using two-wheels while commuting, shopping or going to appointments, helps make Philadelphia more sustainable.

    Making biking accessible for all Philadelphians – takes a little more. As Communications Manager Randy LoBasso stated,:

    “To SustainPHL, we need to Sustain ALL of PHL. For every Spruce Street bike lane and for every pine st bike lane, there are potential bike lanes all over Philadelphia. there is Erie avenue that needs a bike lane, there is Lehigh avenue that could have a better bike lane. There is Kensington Avenue that could have a much better bike lane. These bike lanes don’t just happen. They happen when we as a community contact our Council People and we ask for them.”

    Watch the full acceptance speech here:

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