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    4 Reasons to Love the New Evil Genius Brewpub

    With spring finally here and feeling a little more adventurous, it’s time to find your new favorite brewpub! Don’t worry, Green Philly readers – I decided to explore for you and found Evil Genius. 

    4 reasons why we’re digging the Evil Genius Brewpub

    1. Be prepared for a few throwbacks. From the pop-culture beer names to the VHS box menus to the video game corner, you’ll be getting the total ‘genius’ experience when you visit the new Evil Genius brewpub in Fishtown  (1727 N. Front Street). I never knew how badly I wanted to play video games at a pub (or really ever) until entering Evil Genius. I was hypnotized by the allure of the super small box TV, comfy couches, and old school games like Sonic the Hedgehog. It was all just too cool to pass up.   

    2. Killer Beer Names. For those less interested in games, scoot past that little corner and head to the main bar area. You can post up at some high top tables, lounge in the booth seating, or hang at the bar. Stacey’s Mom, You Mad Bro?, and Trust the Process are just a few of the beers you’ll come across on their colorful chalkboard menu.

    3.  Creative URL use. Visit “evilgenius.beer” (yes, the .beer domain in legit) and you’ll get to the actual website.

    4. A legit brewhouse. Admire the tanks creating delicious beer through big, garage-style glass doors.

    If you haven’t already, make Evil Genius your next weekend adventure! It’s removed from the typical Frankford and Girard Ave. spots, so it’ll give you a fresh view of Fishtown.

    If you have been to Evil Genius and want to share your experience or your favorite brew, let us know in the comments!


    Photo: Evil Genius on Facebook

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