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    6 of Philly’s Best Organic Salons

    Ladies and gents, let’s talk salons. Most of us enjoy the occasional mani-pedi or maybe treating ourselves to a balayage once in awhile. The ugly truth of these luxuries we enjoy is that many salons use products containing harsh chemicals. Chemicals are a no-no when it comes to products that are being applied directly to your skin, scalp, and nails. Luckily, there are other options that allow you to indulge in the full salon experience without worrying.

    If you’re ready to ditch (or cut back on) the traditional salons and go organic, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some guilt-free nail and hair salon options in the city.

    6 of Philly’s Best Organic Salons

    1.Raw Lab Spa

    This all natural nail salon is a breath of fresh air. Rather than sticking with the harsh chemicals found in typical beauty products, they opt for natural ingredients like fruits, veggies, and essential oils. All of their nail polishes are free of toxins so that children and expectant mothers can feel safe using them. (264 S. 10th St)

    2. Mi Cumbia

    This place is answering all of your organic salon prayers. The owners of this full-service salon are a husband and wife duo who have received plenty of accolades for their exemplary service, creative treatments, and intimate atmosphere. Many of their services include the use of ingredients like coconuts, mangoes, and milk – perfect for sensitive skin! (328 S. 17th St.)

    3. Beauty Is Salon

    This salon offers up a variety of hair services using products that are all organic and specifically selected from indigenous communities for their healing properties. Their focus is on ensuring that their clients leave satisfied and feeling amazing from the inside out. (258 S. 11th St.)

    4. Juju Salon

    Pioneering the green salon efforts in Philly, Juju was the first to offer natural alternatives to harsh beauty products. From their non-toxic products to their sustainable furniture selection, this salon is totally committed to being eco-friendly. (713 S. 4th St., Philadelphia)

    5. Moko

    Soy-based waxes and ayurvedic facials are just a few of the services Moko has to offer. They specialize in holistic treatments, making their clients’ overall happiness a priority. Moko also offers beauty products from local vendors, score! (55 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia)

    6. Eviama

    Post-holiday blues got you feeling down? Maybe it’s time for a massage. Eviama’s spa services are mainly body-focused, like facial scrubs, aromatherapy, and reflexology- all of which are organic and holistic. If you’re looking to get completely lost in the tranquil salon experience, this is the place to go! (109 S. 13th St.)

    Been to any of these salons? Tell us about your experience below!

    About Bianca Scherrei

    Bianca is a recent Temple University graduate who finds happiness in the greener things. Her experience at a cancer research association has led her to become passionate about keeping the world a little cleaner and less toxic. In her free time, you can find her drinking La Colombe coffee while taking in the city views.

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