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    Picture from citysportsblog.com

    9 Low Cost & FREE Workouts in Philadelphia

    May is finally here! The sun is shining, birds are singing and more skin is showing.  With Memorial Day is right around the corner, are you ready to bare it in your itty bitty bikini and board shorts?

    Picture from citysportsblog.com
    Picture from citysportsblog.com

    If you’re bummed about pigging out on that last pint of Ben and Jerry’s, don’t fear: there’s still time to get in shape fast and FREE in Philadelphia.

    Whether you’re looking for a mind and body workout or a high-impact calorie burner, there’s plenty of low cost options for you.

    Here are 6 free ways to workout in Philly & get that summer body:

    1. Yoga at Race Street Pier. Every day of the week (except Wednesday), head over to Race Street Pier for all-levels free yoga. Taught by a group of Philadelphia yoga teachers known as Yogis United, these sessions are open to the general public (including children and pets too). On Monday, Tuesday and Friday, classes start at 7 am. Thursday classes are held at both in the morning at 7am and evening at 6pm. Weekend classes start at 9:30am. No pre-registration is required; just bring a mat and get ready to burn some calories.
    2. All Level Workouts at the Art MuseumFor those of you who like to get your workout in wee morning hours, the November Project’s fitness group is what you’ve been looking for. Founded in Boston (and now spread to several cities), the November Project is a free fitness movement encouraging all shapes, ages and sizes to get moving and stay active. The group meets on Wednesdays at 6:25am for a 40 minute session that changes every week, suitable for all levels of fitness.
    3. Sweat Fitness Run Club & Happy Hour. Thursdays at 6pm, head over to Sweat Fitness (509 East Passyunk Avenu,) to join in on their run club. This weekly group runs three to four miles through the city, ending at Jet Wine Bar on South Street for discounted drinks. Don’t Sweat if you’re not a gym member: this group is open to both members and non. For more free running clubs, head over to my Philly beginner guide’s to running.
    4. Lithe Method. Julie’s fitness obsession, the Lithe Method is an alternative exercise. The first class with Lithe is on the house and they occasionally hold complimentary “Open lithes”, too.
    5. Meet-Up. None of these free activities interest you? Meet-up.com offers a variety of activity groups from the Philly Fit Club, Crazee Monkee Hiking and Outdoors Club, Run like a Philly Girl to the Belly Dance Group of Philadelphia.
    6. Daily Fitness Grind BootcampLooking to test your stamina and strength? Try out Daily Fitness Grind Bootcamp Classes. From Monday through Friday at 6:00 AM and Saturdays at 7:00 AM, you’ll easily find a way to incorporate this upbeat, challenging and extremely addictive routine into your busy schedule. Daily Fitness Grind offers a free, no strings attached trial class with varied membership prices once you’re hooked. Find out more about discounts on their website.

    Willing to spend a few bucks? There’s a few low-cost options for you, too.

    Here are 3 affordable Philly workouts:

    1. Philly Dance FitnessFor 12 dollars per class, you can “work it, shake it and move it” at Philly Dance Fitness. Located in South Philly, Rittenhouse and Mid-Town, choose to shake your booty from Zumba, Dance Party Boot Camp, Power Jam Strech or Piloxing.
    2. Amrita Yoga and Wellness. Located in Fishtown, Amrita Yoga and Wellness has 13 dollar classes for non-members. Classes are a powerful and great workout while “acknowledging and offering all Eight Limbs of Yoga.” With early 6am classes and late sessions at 9:15pm, Amrita Yoga and Wellness is open 7 days a week and offers student discounts.
    3. Urban Defense Center. At the Urban Defense Center in Northern Liberties, Single classes in martial arts, self-defense Tai-Fit and more are available for $15. Sweat with kickboxing and aerobic exercise, while getting your feet wet in martial arts, fitness and personal protection!

    Readers, spill your secrets! What are your free & low-cost fitness Philly options?

    Julia Knable

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    studies Marketing and Management Information Systems at the Fox School at Temple University. After a summer internship at Terracycle inspired her to learn about what she could do to help and protect our ever-changing planet, she ended up with a stint at Green Philly. Along with her passion for sustainability, Julia enjoying exploring Philadelphia and trying all the vegetarian hotspots she can get her hands on.

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