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  • Barnes Foundation is Super Artsy, Super LEED & Part Apple! Barnes-Foundation-LEED-Platinum-Certified Full view

    Barnes Foundation is Super Artsy, Super LEED & Part Apple!

    Barnes Foundation received the LEED platinum honorWhile complaints about the Barnes moving from Merion have mostly calmed down, the Barnes Foundation is continuing to make news! This time, their new(ish) Philly home received a great GREEN honor today: LEED Platinum.

    The Barnes is the 1st art & educational institution to achieve the LEED platinum status from USGBC (US Green Building Council). They also have a piece of the Big Apple (literally.) How did they accomplish such a task?

    95% of the building construction waste was diverted from landfills and the fantastic art crib will save about 44% of energy each year compared to a similar traditionally designed building. A vegetated roof, renewable, local & recycled construction materials (including reclaimed from Coney Island’s boardwalk), and water efficiency both inside & outside the building. The gardens outside the building aren’t just ascetically beautiful – they also are hardy & drought-tolerant.

    Barnes Foundation LEED Platinum Honors
    Photograph © 2012 The Barnes Foundation.

    Our Greenworks cheerleader, Mayor Michael Nutter agrees. “The Barnes Foundation’s new building is a wonderful addition to Philadelphia’s iconic Parkway, not only for the benefits it brings to Philadelphia and the larger community, but for its attention to environmental design standards. It’s a project that shows that Philadelphia is a city that cares deeply about the arts and sustainability.”

    Janet Milkman, Exec Director of the USGBC DelVal chapter also thinks this will help “Visitors from around the world will get to experience a legendary art collection in a unique setting. The architect’s use of natural light, careful materials selection and the quality of air are exactly the kinds of green building practices that we advocate for at DVGBC, and in this case they also greatly enhance the experience of the art.”

    Green = Cash $$ for the Barnes, too. The Barnes will receive a significant rebate from PECO from their Smart Construction Incentives Program to encourage customers to use energy efficient construction methods & prodcuts. The Barnes is saving money, using less energy, and helping Philly build that green rep.

    Barnes receives LEED Platinum levelIf you haven’t checked out the Barnes yet, I highly recommend it. I saw the sneak peak over Memorial Day weekend and the rich art collection is quite the experience alone. Now, I’m even more excited to go back with a little bit more green pride.


    Photos: Evantine Design & Photograph © 2012 The Barnes Foundation

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